1====== Auto Link 4 ======
2//by Eli Fenton//
4Lines consist of four fields separated by commas:
5  * Text to find. This can include certain regular expression characters, like square brackets and question marks. Pipe (|) and parentheses are not allowed.
6  * The link for the text.
7  * The namespace where the replacement is done. Omit this field to replace everywhere.
8  * Flags, separated by a | character. Supported values:
9    * tt: Hovering over this link will show a tooltip with the page title and abstract. Requires the [[https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:autotooltip|autotooltip]] plugin.
10    * once: Only link the first occurrence of this tooltip.
11    * inword: Replace partial words. DokuWiki defines a word as characters surrounded by spaces or punctuation, so this is required for languages that do not require space between words.
13For example, this will link the words "Thing," "thing," "Things" and "things" to mywiki:thing, but only inside the mywiki namespace:
15  [Tt]hings?, mywiki:thing, mywiki
17Non-Latin language support: In order to support most non-Latin languages, such as Chinese and Arabic, you will have to modify core DokuWiki code. See https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:autolink4#non-latin_language_support