3#### DokuWiki plugin to authenticate against a Joomla 3 installation
5To make it work:
6  - Download the source from github
7  - Create a folder inside dokuwiki/lib/plugins called authjoomla3
8  - Paste the downloaded source inside authjoomla3
9  - Navigate to your doku wiki config page (doku.php?id=start&do=admin&page=config)
10  - The first thing to do is to go to the Authentication page and change `Authentication backend` with authjoomla3. Do not save yet.
11  - Scroll down to the last row and you should see `Absolute path to a Joomla 3 installation` there you have to specify a valid Joomla 3 installation path
12  - Save and everything should work.
14Now a few notes:
16  - Since we're using joomla users and group, I left the management to joomla itself, so you cannot add/delete/update users or groups from dokuwiki but instead you want to do it from joomla.
17  - Joomla's `Super Users` and `Administrator` group are locally renamed (means it happens only on dokuwiki) to `admin` in order to make them administrator on DokuWiki without any other change.