3 * English language file for extension plugin
4 *
5 * @author Michael Hamann <michael@content-space.de>
6 * @author Christopher Smith <chris@jalakai.co.uk>
7 */
9$lang['menu']                         = 'Extension Manager';
11$lang['tab_plugins']                  = 'Installed Plugins';
12$lang['tab_templates']                = 'Installed Templates';
13$lang['tab_search']                   = 'Search and Install';
14$lang['tab_install']                  = 'Manual Install';
16$lang['notimplemented']               = 'This feature hasn\'t been implemented yet';
17$lang['notinstalled']                 = 'This extension is not installed';
18$lang['alreadyenabled']               = 'This extension has already been enabled';
19$lang['alreadydisabled']              = 'This extension has already been disabled';
20$lang['pluginlistsaveerror']          = 'There was an error saving the plugin list';
21$lang['unknownauthor']                = 'Unknown author';
22$lang['unknownversion']               = 'Unknown version';
24$lang['btn_info']                     = 'Show more info';
25$lang['btn_update']                   = 'Update';
26$lang['btn_uninstall']                = 'Uninstall';
27$lang['btn_enable']                   = 'Enable';
28$lang['btn_disable']                  = 'Disable';
29$lang['btn_install']                  = 'Install';
30$lang['btn_reinstall']                = 'Re-install';
32$lang['js']['reallydel']              = 'Really uninstall this extension?';
34$lang['search_for']                   = 'Search Extension:';
35$lang['search']                       = 'Search';
37$lang['extensionby']                  = '<strong>%s</strong> by %s';
38$lang['screenshot']                   = 'Screenshot of %s';
39$lang['popularity']                   = 'Popularity: %s%%';
40$lang['homepage_link']                = 'Docs';
41$lang['bugs_features']                = 'Bugs';
42$lang['tags']                         = 'Tags:';
43$lang['author_hint']                  = 'Search extensions by this author';
44$lang['installed']                    = 'Installed:';
45$lang['downloadurl']                  = 'Download URL:';
46$lang['repository']                   = 'Repository:';
47$lang['unknown']                      = '<em>unknown</em>';
48$lang['installed_version']            = 'Installed version:';
49$lang['install_date']                 = 'Your last update:';
50$lang['available_version']            = 'Available version:';
51$lang['compatible']                   = 'Compatible with:';
52$lang['depends']                      = 'Depends on:';
53$lang['similar']                      = 'Similar to:';
54$lang['conflicts']                    = 'Conflicts with:';
55$lang['donate']                       = 'Like this?';
56$lang['donate_action']                = 'Buy the author a coffee!';
57$lang['repo_retry']                   = 'Retry';
58$lang['provides']                     = 'Provides:';
59$lang['status']                       = 'Status:';
60$lang['status_installed']             = 'installed';
61$lang['status_not_installed']         = 'not installed';
62$lang['status_protected']             = 'protected';
63$lang['status_enabled']               = 'enabled';
64$lang['status_disabled']              = 'disabled';
65$lang['status_unmodifiable']          = 'unmodifiable';
66$lang['status_plugin']                = 'plugin';
67$lang['status_template']              = 'template';
68$lang['status_bundled']               = 'bundled';
70$lang['msg_enabled']                  = 'Plugin %s enabled';
71$lang['msg_disabled']                 = 'Plugin %s disabled';
72$lang['msg_delete_success']           = 'Extension %s uninstalled';
73$lang['msg_delete_failed']            = 'Uninstalling Extension %s failed';
74$lang['msg_template_install_success'] = 'Template %s installed successfully';
75$lang['msg_template_update_success']  = 'Template %s updated successfully';
76$lang['msg_plugin_install_success']   = 'Plugin %s installed successfully';
77$lang['msg_plugin_update_success']    = 'Plugin %s updated successfully';
78$lang['msg_upload_failed']            = 'Uploading the file failed';
79$lang['msg_nooverwrite']              = 'Extension %s already exists so it is not being overwritten; to overwrite, tick the overwrite option';
81$lang['missing_dependency']           = '<strong>Missing or disabled dependency:</strong> %s';
82$lang['security_issue']               = '<strong>Security Issue:</strong> %s';
83$lang['security_warning']             = '<strong>Security Warning:</strong> %s';
84$lang['update_available']             = '<strong>Update:</strong> New version %s is available.';
85$lang['wrong_folder']                 = '<strong>Plugin installed incorrectly:</strong> Rename plugin directory "%s" to "%s".';
86$lang['url_change']                   = '<strong>URL changed:</strong> Download URL has changed since last download. Check if the new URL is valid before updating the extension.<br />New: %s<br />Old: %s';
88$lang['error_badurl']                 = 'URLs should start with http or https';
89$lang['error_dircreate']              = 'Unable to create temporary folder to receive download';
90$lang['error_download']               = 'Unable to download the file: %s';
91$lang['error_decompress']             = 'Unable to decompress the downloaded file. This maybe as a result of a bad download, in which case you should try again; or the compression format may be unknown, in which case you will need to download and install manually.';
92$lang['error_findfolder']             = 'Unable to identify extension directory, you need to download and install manually';
93$lang['error_copy']                   = 'There was a file copy error while attempting to install files for directory <em>%s</em>: the disk could be full or file access permissions may be incorrect. This may have resulted in a partially installed plugin and leave your wiki installation unstable';
95$lang['noperms']                      = 'Extension directory is not writable';
96$lang['notplperms']                   = 'Template directory is not writable';
97$lang['nopluginperms']                = 'Plugin directory is not writable';
98$lang['git']                          = 'This extension was installed via git, you may not want to update it here.';
99$lang['auth']                         = 'This auth plugin is not enabled in configuration, consider disabling it.';
101$lang['install_url']                  = 'Install from URL:';
102$lang['install_upload']               = 'Upload Extension:';
104$lang['repo_error']                   = 'The plugin repository could not be contacted. Make sure your server is allowed to contact www.dokuwiki.org and check your proxy settings.';
105$lang['nossl']                        = 'Your PHP seems to miss SSL support. Downloading will not work for many DokuWiki extensions.';
107$lang['js']['display_viewoptions']    = 'View Options:';
108$lang['js']['display_enabled']        = 'enabled';
109$lang['js']['display_disabled']       = 'disabled';
110$lang['js']['display_updatable']      = 'updatable';