3 * english language file
4 *
5 * @license    GPL 2 (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html)
6 * @author     Andreas Gohr <andi@splitbrain.org>
7 * @author     Anika Henke <anika@selfthinker.org>
8 * @author     Matthias Grimm <matthiasgrimm@users.sourceforge.net>
9 * @author     Matthias Schulte <mailinglist@lupo49.de>
10 */
11$lang['encoding']              = 'utf-8';
12$lang['direction']             = 'ltr';
13$lang['doublequoteopening']    = '“'; //&ldquo;
14$lang['doublequoteclosing']    = '”'; //&rdquo;
15$lang['singlequoteopening']    = '‘'; //&lsquo;
16$lang['singlequoteclosing']    = '’'; //&rsquo;
17$lang['apostrophe']            = '’'; //&rsquo;
19$lang['btn_edit']              = 'Edit this page';
20$lang['btn_source']            = 'Show pagesource';
21$lang['btn_show']              = 'Show page';
22$lang['btn_create']            = 'Create this page';
23$lang['btn_search']            = 'Search';
24$lang['btn_save']              = 'Save';
25$lang['btn_preview']           = 'Preview';
26$lang['btn_top']               = 'Back to top';
27$lang['btn_newer']             = '<< more recent';
28$lang['btn_older']             = 'less recent >>';
29$lang['btn_revs']              = 'Old revisions';
30$lang['btn_recent']            = 'Recent Changes';
31$lang['btn_upload']            = 'Upload';
32$lang['btn_cancel']            = 'Cancel';
33$lang['btn_index']             = 'Sitemap';
34$lang['btn_secedit']           = 'Edit';
35$lang['btn_login']             = 'Log In';
36$lang['btn_logout']            = 'Log Out';
37$lang['btn_admin']             = 'Admin';
38$lang['btn_update']            = 'Update';
39$lang['btn_delete']            = 'Delete';
40$lang['btn_back']              = 'Back';
41$lang['btn_backlink']          = 'Backlinks';
42$lang['btn_subscribe']         = 'Manage Subscriptions';
43$lang['btn_profile']           = 'Update Profile';
44$lang['btn_reset']             = 'Reset';
45$lang['btn_resendpwd']         = 'Set new password';
46$lang['btn_draft']             = 'Edit draft';
47$lang['btn_recover']           = 'Recover draft';
48$lang['btn_draftdel']          = 'Delete draft';
49$lang['btn_revert']            = 'Restore';
50$lang['btn_register']          = 'Register';
51$lang['btn_apply']             = 'Apply';
52$lang['btn_media']             = 'Media Manager';
53$lang['btn_deleteuser']        = 'Remove My Account';
54$lang['btn_img_backto']        = 'Back to %s';
55$lang['btn_mediaManager']      = 'View in media manager';
57$lang['loggedinas']            = 'Logged in as:';
58$lang['user']                  = 'Username';
59$lang['pass']                  = 'Password';
60$lang['newpass']               = 'New password';
61$lang['oldpass']               = 'Confirm current password';
62$lang['passchk']               = 'once again';
63$lang['remember']              = 'Remember me';
64$lang['fullname']              = 'Real name';
65$lang['email']                 = 'E-Mail';
66$lang['profile']               = 'User Profile';
67$lang['badlogin']              = 'Sorry, username or password was wrong.';
68$lang['badpassconfirm']        = 'Sorry, the password was wrong';
69$lang['minoredit']             = 'Minor Changes';
70$lang['draftdate']             = 'Draft autosaved on'; // full dformat date will be added
71$lang['nosecedit']             = 'The page was changed in the meantime, section info was out of date loaded full page instead.';
72$lang['searchcreatepage']      = 'If you didn\'t find what you were looking for, you can create or edit the page %s, named after your query.';
74$lang['search_fullresults']    = 'Fulltext results';
75$lang['js']['search_toggle_tools']   = 'Toggle Search Tools';
76$lang['search_exact_match']    = 'Exact match';
77$lang['search_starts_with']    = 'Starts with';
78$lang['search_ends_with']      = 'Ends with';
79$lang['search_contains']       = 'Contains';
80$lang['search_custom_match']   = 'Custom';
81$lang['search_any_ns']         = 'Any namespace';
82$lang['search_any_time']       = 'Any time';
83$lang['search_past_7_days']    = 'Past week';
84$lang['search_past_month']     = 'Past month';
85$lang['search_past_year']      = 'Past year';
86$lang['search_sort_by_hits']   = 'Sort by hits';
87$lang['search_sort_by_mtime']  = 'Sort by last modified';
89$lang['regmissing']            = 'Sorry, you must fill in all fields.';
90$lang['reguexists']            = 'Sorry, a user with this login already exists.';
91$lang['regsuccess']            = 'The user has been created and the password was sent by email.';
92$lang['regsuccess2']           = 'The user has been created.';
93$lang['regfail']               = 'The user could not be created.';
94$lang['regmailfail']           = 'Looks like there was an error on sending the password mail. Please contact the admin!';
95$lang['regbadmail']            = 'The given email address looks invalid - if you think this is an error, contact the admin';
96$lang['regbadpass']            = 'The two given passwords are not identical, please try again.';
97$lang['regpwmail']             = 'Your DokuWiki password';
98$lang['reghere']               = 'You don\'t have an account yet? Just get one';
100$lang['profna']                = 'This wiki does not support profile modification';
101$lang['profnochange']          = 'No changes, nothing to do.';
102$lang['profnoempty']           = 'An empty name or email address is not allowed.';
103$lang['profchanged']           = 'User profile successfully updated.';
104$lang['profnodelete']          = 'This wiki does not support deleting users';
105$lang['profdeleteuser']        = 'Delete Account';
106$lang['profdeleted']           = 'Your user account has been deleted from this wiki';
107$lang['profconfdelete']        = 'I wish to remove my account from this wiki. <br/> This action can not be undone.';
108$lang['profconfdeletemissing'] = 'Confirmation check box not ticked';
109$lang['proffail']              = 'User profile was not updated.';
111$lang['pwdforget']             = 'Forgotten your password? Get a new one';
112$lang['resendna']              = 'This wiki does not support password resending.';
113$lang['resendpwd']             = 'Set new password for';
114$lang['resendpwdmissing']      = 'Sorry, you must fill in all fields.';
115$lang['resendpwdnouser']       = 'Sorry, we can\'t find this user in our database.';
116$lang['resendpwdbadauth']      = 'Sorry, this auth code is not valid. Make sure you used the complete confirmation link.';
117$lang['resendpwdconfirm']      = 'A confirmation link has been sent by email.';
118$lang['resendpwdsuccess']      = 'Your new password has been sent by email.';
120$lang['license']               = 'Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license:';
121$lang['licenseok']             = 'Note: By editing this page you agree to license your content under the following license:';
123$lang['searchmedia']           = 'Search file name:';
124$lang['searchmedia_in']        = 'Search in %s';
125$lang['txt_upload']            = 'Select file to upload:';
126$lang['txt_filename']          = 'Upload as (optional):';
127$lang['txt_overwrt']           = 'Overwrite existing file';
128$lang['maxuploadsize']         = 'Upload max. %s per file.';
129$lang['allowedmime']           = 'List of allowed file extensions';
130$lang['lockedby']              = 'Currently locked by:';
131$lang['lockexpire']            = 'Lock expires at:';
133$lang['js']['willexpire']      = 'Your lock for editing this page is about to expire in a minute.\nTo avoid conflicts use the preview button to reset the locktimer.';
134$lang['js']['notsavedyet']     = 'Unsaved changes will be lost.';
135$lang['js']['searchmedia']     = 'Search for files';
136$lang['js']['keepopen']        = 'Keep window open on selection';
137$lang['js']['hidedetails']     = 'Hide Details';
138$lang['js']['mediatitle']      = 'Link settings';
139$lang['js']['mediadisplay']    = 'Link type';
140$lang['js']['mediaalign']      = 'Alignment';
141$lang['js']['mediasize']       = 'Image size';
142$lang['js']['mediatarget']     = 'Link target';
143$lang['js']['mediaclose']      = 'Close';
144$lang['js']['mediainsert']     = 'Insert';
145$lang['js']['mediadisplayimg'] = 'Show the image.';
146$lang['js']['mediadisplaylnk'] = 'Show only the link.';
147$lang['js']['mediasmall']      = 'Small version';
148$lang['js']['mediamedium']     = 'Medium version';
149$lang['js']['medialarge']      = 'Large version';
150$lang['js']['mediaoriginal']   = 'Original version';
151$lang['js']['medialnk']        = 'Link to detail page';
152$lang['js']['mediadirect']     = 'Direct link to original';
153$lang['js']['medianolnk']      = 'No link';
154$lang['js']['medianolink']     = 'Do not link the image';
155$lang['js']['medialeft']       = 'Align the image on the left.';
156$lang['js']['mediaright']      = 'Align the image on the right.';
157$lang['js']['mediacenter']     = 'Align the image in the middle.';
158$lang['js']['medianoalign']    = 'Use no align.';
159$lang['js']['nosmblinks']      = 'Linking to Windows shares only works in Microsoft Internet Explorer.\nYou still can copy and paste the link.';
160$lang['js']['linkwiz']         = 'Link Wizard';
161$lang['js']['linkto']          = 'Link to:';
162$lang['js']['del_confirm']     = 'Really delete selected item(s)?';
163$lang['js']['restore_confirm'] = 'Really restore this version?';
164$lang['js']['media_diff']          = 'View differences:';
165$lang['js']['media_diff_both']     = 'Side by Side';
166$lang['js']['media_diff_opacity']  = 'Shine-through';
167$lang['js']['media_diff_portions'] = 'Swipe';
168$lang['js']['media_select']        = 'Select files…';
169$lang['js']['media_upload_btn']    = 'Upload';
170$lang['js']['media_done_btn']      = 'Done';
171$lang['js']['media_drop']          = 'Drop files here to upload';
172$lang['js']['media_cancel']        = 'remove';
173$lang['js']['media_overwrt']       = 'Overwrite existing files';
174$lang['js']['data_insecure'] = 'WARNING: It seems your data directory is not properly secured. Please read about <a href="https://www.dokuwiki.org/security#web_access_security">Web Access Security in DokuWiki</a>.';
176$lang['rssfailed']             = 'An error occurred while fetching this feed: ';
177$lang['nothingfound']          = 'Nothing was found.';
179$lang['mediaselect']           = 'Media Files';
180$lang['uploadsucc']            = 'Upload successful';
181$lang['uploadfail']            = 'Upload failed. Maybe wrong permissions?';
182$lang['uploadwrong']           = 'Upload denied. This file extension is forbidden!';
183$lang['uploadexist']           = 'File already exists. Nothing done.';
184$lang['uploadbadcontent']      = 'The uploaded content did not match the %s file extension.';
185$lang['uploadspam']            = 'The upload was blocked by the spam blacklist.';
186$lang['uploadxss']             = 'The upload was blocked for possibly malicious content.';
187$lang['uploadsize']            = 'The uploaded file was too big. (max. %s)';
188$lang['deletesucc']            = 'The file "%s" has been deleted.';
189$lang['deletefail']            = '"%s" couldn\'t be deleted - check permissions.';
190$lang['mediainuse']            = 'The file "%s" hasn\'t been deleted - it is still in use.';
191$lang['namespaces']            = 'Namespaces';
192$lang['mediafiles']            = 'Available files in';
193$lang['accessdenied']          = 'You are not allowed to view this page.';
194$lang['mediausage']            = 'Use the following syntax to reference this file:';
195$lang['mediaview']             = 'View original file';
196$lang['mediaroot']             = 'root';
197$lang['mediaupload']           = 'Upload a file to the current namespace here. To create subnamespaces, prepend them to your filename separated by colons after you selected the files. Files can also be selected by drag and drop.';
198$lang['mediaextchange']        = 'Filextension changed from .%s to .%s!';
199$lang['reference']             = 'References for';
200$lang['ref_inuse']             = 'The file can\'t be deleted, because it\'s still used by the following pages:';
201$lang['ref_hidden']            = 'Some references  are on pages you don\'t have permission to read';
203$lang['hits']                  = 'Hits';
204$lang['quickhits']             = 'Matching pagenames';
205$lang['toc']                   = 'Table of Contents';
206$lang['current']               = 'current';
207$lang['yours']                 = 'Your Version';
208$lang['diff']                  = 'Show differences to current revisions';
209$lang['diff2']                 = 'Show differences between selected revisions';
210$lang['difflink']              = 'Link to this comparison view';
211$lang['diff_type']             = 'View differences:';
212$lang['diff_inline']           = 'Inline';
213$lang['diff_side']             = 'Side by Side';
214$lang['diffprevrev']           = 'Previous revision';
215$lang['diffnextrev']           = 'Next revision';
216$lang['difflastrev']           = 'Last revision';
217$lang['diffbothprevrev']       = 'Both sides previous revision';
218$lang['diffbothnextrev']       = 'Both sides next revision';
219$lang['line']                  = 'Line';
220$lang['breadcrumb']            = 'Trace:';
221$lang['youarehere']            = 'You are here:';
222$lang['lastmod']               = 'Last modified:';
223$lang['by']                    = 'by';
224$lang['deleted']               = 'removed';
225$lang['created']               = 'created';
226$lang['restored']              = 'old revision restored (%s)';
227$lang['external_edit']         = 'external edit';
228$lang['summary']               = 'Edit summary';
229$lang['noflash']               = 'The <a href="http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer">Adobe Flash Plugin</a> is needed to display this content.';
230$lang['download']              = 'Download Snippet';
231$lang['tools']                 = 'Tools';
232$lang['user_tools']            = 'User Tools';
233$lang['site_tools']            = 'Site Tools';
234$lang['page_tools']            = 'Page Tools';
235$lang['skip_to_content']       = 'skip to content';
236$lang['sidebar']               = 'Sidebar';
238$lang['mail_newpage']          = 'page added:';
239$lang['mail_changed']          = 'page changed:';
240$lang['mail_subscribe_list']   = 'pages changed in namespace:';
241$lang['mail_new_user']         = 'new user:';
242$lang['mail_upload']           = 'file uploaded:';
244$lang['changes_type']          = 'View changes of';
245$lang['pages_changes']         = 'Pages';
246$lang['media_changes']         = 'Media files';
247$lang['both_changes']          = 'Both pages and media files';
249$lang['qb_bold']               = 'Bold Text';
250$lang['qb_italic']             = 'Italic Text';
251$lang['qb_underl']             = 'Underlined Text';
252$lang['qb_code']               = 'Monospaced Text';
253$lang['qb_strike']             = 'Strike-through Text';
254$lang['qb_h1']                 = 'Level 1 Headline';
255$lang['qb_h2']                 = 'Level 2 Headline';
256$lang['qb_h3']                 = 'Level 3 Headline';
257$lang['qb_h4']                 = 'Level 4 Headline';
258$lang['qb_h5']                 = 'Level 5 Headline';
259$lang['qb_h']                  = 'Headline';
260$lang['qb_hs']                 = 'Select Headline';
261$lang['qb_hplus']              = 'Higher Headline';
262$lang['qb_hminus']             = 'Lower Headline';
263$lang['qb_hequal']             = 'Same Level Headline';
264$lang['qb_link']               = 'Internal Link';
265$lang['qb_extlink']            = 'External Link';
266$lang['qb_hr']                 = 'Horizontal Rule';
267$lang['qb_ol']                 = 'Ordered List Item';
268$lang['qb_ul']                 = 'Unordered List Item';
269$lang['qb_media']              = 'Add Images and other files (opens in a new window)';
270$lang['qb_sig']                = 'Insert Signature';
271$lang['qb_smileys']            = 'Smileys';
272$lang['qb_chars']              = 'Special Chars';
274$lang['upperns']               = 'jump to parent namespace';
276$lang['metaedit']              = 'Edit Metadata';
277$lang['metasaveerr']           = 'Writing metadata failed';
278$lang['metasaveok']            = 'Metadata saved';
279$lang['img_title']             = 'Title:';
280$lang['img_caption']           = 'Caption:';
281$lang['img_date']              = 'Date:';
282$lang['img_fname']             = 'Filename:';
283$lang['img_fsize']             = 'Size:';
284$lang['img_artist']            = 'Photographer:';
285$lang['img_copyr']             = 'Copyright:';
286$lang['img_format']            = 'Format:';
287$lang['img_camera']            = 'Camera:';
288$lang['img_keywords']          = 'Keywords:';
289$lang['img_width']             = 'Width:';
290$lang['img_height']            = 'Height:';
292$lang['subscr_subscribe_success']   = 'Added %s to subscription list for %s';
293$lang['subscr_subscribe_error']     = 'Error adding %s to subscription list for %s';
294$lang['subscr_subscribe_noaddress'] = 'There is no address associated with your login, you cannot be added to the subscription list';
295$lang['subscr_unsubscribe_success'] = 'Removed %s from subscription list for %s';
296$lang['subscr_unsubscribe_error']   = 'Error removing %s from subscription list for %s';
297$lang['subscr_already_subscribed']  = '%s is already subscribed to %s';
298$lang['subscr_not_subscribed']      = '%s is not subscribed to %s';
299// Manage page for subscriptions
300$lang['subscr_m_not_subscribed']    = 'You are currently not subscribed to the current page or namespace.';
301$lang['subscr_m_new_header']        = 'Add subscription';
302$lang['subscr_m_current_header']    = 'Current subscriptions';
303$lang['subscr_m_unsubscribe']       = 'Unsubscribe';
304$lang['subscr_m_subscribe']         = 'Subscribe';
305$lang['subscr_m_receive']           = 'Receive';
306$lang['subscr_style_every']         = 'email on every change';
307$lang['subscr_style_digest']        = 'digest email of changes for each page (every %.2f days)';
308$lang['subscr_style_list']          = 'list of changed pages since last email (every %.2f days)';
310/* auth.class language support */
311$lang['authtempfail']          = 'User authentication is temporarily unavailable. If this situation persists, please inform your Wiki Admin.';
313/* installer strings */
314$lang['i_chooselang']          = 'Choose your language';
315$lang['i_installer']           = 'DokuWiki Installer';
316$lang['i_wikiname']            = 'Wiki Name';
317$lang['i_enableacl']           = 'Enable ACL (recommended)';
318$lang['i_superuser']           = 'Superuser';
319$lang['i_problems']            = 'The installer found some problems, indicated below. You can not continue until you have fixed them.';
320$lang['i_modified']            = 'For security reasons this script will only work with a new and unmodified Dokuwiki installation.
321                                  You should either re-extract the files from the downloaded package or consult the complete
322                                  <a href="https://www.dokuwiki.org/install">Dokuwiki installation instructions</a>';
323$lang['i_funcna']              = 'PHP function <code>%s</code> is not available. Maybe your hosting provider disabled it for some reason?';
324$lang['i_disabled']            =  'It has been disabled by your provider.';
325$lang['i_funcnmail']           = '<b>Note:</b> The PHP mail function is not available. %s' .
326                                 ' If it remains unavailable, you may install the <a href="https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:smtp">smtp plugin</a>.';
327$lang['i_phpver']              = 'Your PHP version <code>%s</code> is lower than the needed <code>%s</code>. You need to upgrade your PHP install.';
328$lang['i_mbfuncoverload']      = 'mbstring.func_overload must be disabled in php.ini to run DokuWiki.';
329$lang['i_urandom']             = 'DokuWiki cannot create cryptographically secure numbers for cookies. You may want to check your open_basedir settings in php.ini for proper <code>/dev/urandom</code> access.';
330$lang['i_permfail']            = '<code>%s</code> is not writable by DokuWiki. You need to fix the permission settings of this directory!';
331$lang['i_confexists']          = '<code>%s</code> already exists';
332$lang['i_writeerr']            = 'Unable to create <code>%s</code>. You will need to check directory/file permissions and create the file manually.';
333$lang['i_badhash']             = 'unrecognised or modified dokuwiki.php (hash=<code>%s</code>)';
334$lang['i_badval']              = '<code>%s</code> - illegal or empty value';
335$lang['i_success']             = 'The configuration was finished successfully. You may delete the install.php file now. Continue to
336                                 <a href="doku.php?id=wiki:welcome">your new DokuWiki</a>.';
337$lang['i_failure']             = 'Some errors occurred while writing the configuration files. You may need to fix them manually before
338                                  you can use <a href="doku.php?id=wiki:welcome">your new DokuWiki</a>.';
339$lang['i_policy']              = 'Initial ACL policy';
340$lang['i_pol0']                = 'Open Wiki (read, write, upload for everyone)';
341$lang['i_pol1']                = 'Public Wiki (read for everyone, write and upload for registered users)';
342$lang['i_pol2']                = 'Closed Wiki (read, write, upload for registered users only)';
343$lang['i_allowreg']            = 'Allow users to register themselves';
344$lang['i_retry']               = 'Retry';
345$lang['i_license']             = 'Please choose the license you want to put your content under:';
346$lang['i_license_none']        = 'Do not show any license information';
347$lang['i_pop_field']           = 'Please, help us to improve the DokuWiki experience:';
348$lang['i_pop_label']           = 'Once a month, send anonymous usage data to the DokuWiki developers';
350$lang['recent_global']         = 'You\'re currently watching the changes inside the <b>%s</b> namespace. You can also <a href="%s">view the recent changes of the whole wiki</a>.';
351$lang['years']                 = '%d years ago';
352$lang['months']                = '%d months ago';
353$lang['weeks']                 = '%d weeks ago';
354$lang['days']                  = '%d days ago';
355$lang['hours']                 = '%d hours ago';
356$lang['minutes']               = '%d minutes ago';
357$lang['seconds']               = '%d seconds ago';
359$lang['wordblock']             = 'Your change was not saved because it contains blocked text (spam).';
361$lang['media_uploadtab']       = 'Upload';
362$lang['media_searchtab']       = 'Search';
363$lang['media_file']            = 'File';
364$lang['media_viewtab']         = 'View';
365$lang['media_edittab']         = 'Edit';
366$lang['media_historytab']      = 'History';
367$lang['media_list_thumbs']     = 'Thumbnails';
368$lang['media_list_rows']       = 'Rows';
369$lang['media_sort_name']       = 'Name';
370$lang['media_sort_date']       = 'Date';
371$lang['media_namespaces']      = 'Choose namespace';
372$lang['media_files']           = 'Files in %s';
373$lang['media_upload']          = 'Upload to %s';
374$lang['media_search']          = 'Search in %s';
375$lang['media_view']            = '%s';
376$lang['media_viewold']         = '%s at %s';
377$lang['media_edit']            = 'Edit %s';
378$lang['media_history']         = 'History of %s';
379$lang['media_meta_edited']     = 'metadata edited';
380$lang['media_perm_read']       = 'Sorry, you don\'t have enough rights to read files.';
381$lang['media_perm_upload']     = 'Sorry, you don\'t have enough rights to upload files.';
382$lang['media_update']          = 'Upload new version';
383$lang['media_restore']         = 'Restore this version';
384$lang['media_acl_warning']     = 'This list might not be complete due to ACL restrictions and hidden pages.';
386$lang['email_fail']            = 'PHP mail() missing or disabled. The following email was not sent: ';
387$lang['currentns']             = 'Current namespace';
388$lang['searchresult']          = 'Search Result';
389$lang['plainhtml']             = 'Plain HTML';
390$lang['wikimarkup']            = 'Wiki Markup';
391$lang['page_nonexist_rev']     = 'Page did not exist at %s. It was subsequently created at <a href="%s">%s</a>.';
392$lang['unable_to_parse_date']  = 'Unable to parse at parameter "%s".';
393$lang['email_signature_text'] = 'This mail was generated by DokuWiki at
395#$lang['email_signature_html'] = ''; # the empty default will copy the text signature, you can override it in a local lang file