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H A Dsyntax.php73 $search = ft_pageSearch($match,$poswords);
H A Dsearch.php35 $data = ft_pageSearch($QUERY, $regex);
H A DSearch.php70 $this->fullTextResults = ft_pageSearch($QUERY, $highlight, $INPUT->str('srt'), $after, $before);
H A Dpagelookup.php99 $data = ft_pageSearch($QUERY,$regex);
H A Daction.php76 $search = ft_pageSearch($pagename,$poswords);
H A Dsyntax.php121 $data = ft_pageSearch($query,$regex);
H A Dadmin.php104 $data = ft_pageSearch('"' . $this->changefrom . '"*', $null);
H A Dfulltext.php22 * refactored into ft_pageSearch(), _ft_pageSearch() and trigger_event()
32 function ft_pageSearch($query,&$highlight, $sort = null, $after = null, $before = null){ function
H A Dfeed.php515 $data = ft_pageSearch($opt['search_query'], $poswords);
H A Djsonrpc.php260 $data = ft_pageSearch($searchString, $regex);
H A DApiCore.php364 $data = ft_pageSearch($query, $regex);
H A Dpagequery.php831 $result = array_keys(ft_pageSearch($query, $highlight));

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