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H A Dsafeindex.test.php34 $this->assertEquals(array('parent', 'public'), ft_backlinks('foo:public'));
35 $this->assertEquals(array('child'), ft_backlinks('foo:private'));
36 $this->assertEquals(array('parent'), ft_backlinks('public_link'));
H A DBacklinks.php31 $data = ft_backlinks($ID);
H A Dbutton.test.php61 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($pageIdReferent);
H A Drelated.test.php131 $backlinks = ft_backlinks(self::REFERENT_PAGE_ID);
H A Drelated.php217 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($id, $ignore_perms = false);
229 $page[self::RELATED_BACKLINKS_COUNT_PROP]=sizeof(ft_backlinks($backlink, $ignore_perms = false));
H A Drelated.php236 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($id, $ignore_perms = false);
248 $page[self::RELATED_BACKLINKS_COUNT_PROP] = sizeof(ft_backlinks($backlink, $ignore_perms = false));
H A Dsyntax.php101 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($match);
H A Dsyntax.php101 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($match);
H A Dsyntax.php78 $links = ft_backlinks($page);
H A Daction.php54 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($orig);
H A Dhelper.php317 if (!$backlinks = ft_backlinks($this->page)) {
H A Dop.php131 // ft_backlinks() is not used here, as it does a hidden page and acl check but we really need all pages
H A Drenderer.php92 if (!count(ft_backlinks($ID))) {
H A Daction.php205 $pages = ft_backlinks($id);
H A Djsonrpc.php273 return ft_backlinks($id);
H A Daction.php455 $backlinks = ft_backlinks($ID);
H A Dhelper.php160 * Returns a list of pages with a certain tag; very similar to ft_backlinks()
H A Dmain.php175 <?php /*Backlinks 참조문서 출력*/ if ((ft_backlinks($ID)!=null) && (strrchr(':'.$INFO['id'],":")!=":".$conf['start']) && (($ACT=='edit') or ($ACT=='preview') or ($ACT=="show") ) ) print '<h2>'.$lang['btn_backlink'].'</h2>'.p_render('xhtml',p_get_instructions('{{backlinks>.}}'),$info);?>
H A DApiCore.php458 return ft_backlinks($this->resolvePageId($id));
H A Dfulltext.php171 function ft_backlinks($id, $ignore_perms = false){ function
H A Dcommon.php1432 $pages = ft_backlinks($id, true);

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