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H A Dsettings.php8 $lang['whenToHide_userlink'] = 'COMMON_USER_LINKイベント(編集ロック表示や、最終編集者表示など)';
H A Dsettings.php8 $lang['whenToHide_userlink'] = 'COMMON_USER_LINK event (such as page locking and showing "last modified")';
H A Daction.php29 $controller->register_hook('COMMON_USER_LINK', 'AFTER', $this, 'hookUserLink');
H A Daction.php25 $controller->register_hook('COMMON_USER_LINK', 'AFTER', $this, 'handle_user_link');
H A Daction.php33 if (array_search('userlink', $whentohide) !== FALSE ) $controller->register_hook('COMMON_USER_LINK', 'BEFORE', $this, 'userlink', array());
H A Daction.php23 $controller->register_hook('COMMON_USER_LINK', 'AFTER', $this, 'replaceUserLink',array());
H A Dcommon.php1766 * @triggers COMMON_USER_LINK
1802 $evt = new Event('COMMON_USER_LINK', $data);

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