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H A DTableOfContents.php74 * @var bool Determine if the TOC should be cloned to calculate the correct page numbers
89 * Mark the TOC Paint as having begun
243 public function TOC( function in Mpdf\\TableOfContents
303 * Fix the TOC page numbering problem
305 * To do this, the current class is deep cloned and then the TOC functionality run. The correct page
306 * numbers are calculated when the TOC pages are moved into position in the cloned object (see Mpdf::MovePages).
307 * It's then a matter of copying the correct page numbers to the original object and letting the TOC functionality
426 // mPDF 6 number style and suppress now picked up from section preceding ToC
444 * Ensure the TOC Page Number Style doesn't effect the TOC Numberin
H A DMpdf.php7122 if ($objattr['type'] == 'bookmark' || $objattr['type'] == 'indexentry' || $objattr['type'] == 'toc') {
7133 if ($objattr['type'] == 'toc') {
7135 } // *TOC*
8264 if ($objtype == 'dottab' || $objtype == 'bookmark' || $objtype == 'indexentry' || $objtype == 'toc' || $objtype == 'annot') {
9136 if ($type == 'annot' || $type == 'bookmark' || $type == 'indexentry' || $type == 'toc') {
9179 if ($type == 'annot' || $type == 'bookmark' || $type == 'indexentry' || $type == 'toc') {
13786 // Increase allowed attribute name to 32 - cutting off "toc-even-header-name" etc.
19041 $this->enabledtags = "<a><acronym><address><article><aside><b><bdi><bdo><big><blockquote><br><caption><center><cite><code><del><details><dd><div><dl><dt><em><fieldset><figcaption><figure><font><form><h1><h2><h3><h4><h5><h6><hgroup><hr><i><img><input><ins><kbd><legend><li><main><mark><meter><nav><ol><option><p><pre><progress><q><s><samp><section><select><small><span><strike><strong><sub><summary><sup><table><tbody><td><template><textarea><tfoot><th><thead><time><tr><tt><u><ul><var><footer><header><annotation><bookmark><textcircle><barcode><dottab><indexentry><indexinsert><watermarktext><watermarkimage><tts><ttz><tta><column_break><columnbreak><newcolumn><newpage><page_break><pagebreak><formfeed><columns><toc><tocentry><tocpagebreak><pageheader><pagefooter><setpageheader><setpagefooter><sethtmlpageheader><sethtmlpagefooter>";
23362 function TOC(
23376 $this->tableOfContents->TOC(
23298 function TOC( global() function in Mpdf\\Mpdf
H A Dmpdf.css60 padding-right: 0em; /* should match the outdent specified for ToC; 0 is default; suggested value 2em */
73 padding-right: 0em; /* should match the outdent specified for ToC; 0 is default; suggested value 2em */
87 padding-right: 0em; /* should match the outdent specified for ToC; 0 is default; suggested value 2em */
H A DToc.php5 class Toc extends Tag class
10 //added custom-tag - set Marker for insertion later of ToC
H A DTocEntry.php13 $objattr['type'] = 'toc';
25 $e = "\xbb\xa4\xactype=toc,objattr=" . serialize($objattr) . "\xbb\xa4\xac";
H A DFormFeed.php271 /* -- TOC -- */
279 /* -- END TOC -- */
H A DBlockTag.php1000 /* -- TOC -- */
1003 $objattr['type'] = 'toc';
1006 $e = "\xbb\xa4\xactype=toc,objattr=" . serialize($objattr) . "\xbb\xa4\xac";
1009 /* -- END TOC -- */
1016 $e = "\xbb\xa4\xactype=toc,objattr=" . serialize($objattr) . "\xbb\xa4\xac";
H A Ddefault.php7 $conf['toc'] = 0;
H A Dmetadata.php7 $meta['toc'] = array('onoff');
H A Daction.php508 //Note: - for double-sided document the ToC is always on an even number of pages, so that the
510 // - first page of ToC starts always at odd page (so eventually an additional blank page
512 // - there is no page numbering at the pages of the ToC
514 'toc-preHTML' => '<h2>' . $this->getLang('tocheader') . '</h2>',
515 'toc-bookmarkText' => $this->getLang('tocheader'),
978 $hasToC = $INPUT->bool('toc', (bool)$this->getConf('toc'));
H A Drenderer.php83 //only add items within global configured levels (doesn't check the pdf toc settings)
H A DCHANGELOG.md68 * Added myclabs/deepcopy dependency, fixed TOC page numbering (thanks, @jakejackson)
404 - ToC since v5.7 incorrectly handling non-ascii characters, entities or tags
531 - Layout of Table of Content ToC now controlled using CSS styles
533 - Automatically generated bookmarks and/or ToC entries from H1 - H6 tags
583 - Page numbering - Page number total {nbpg} incorrect - e.g. showing decreasing numbers through document, when ToC present
586 - TOCpagebreak - Not setting TOC-FOOTER
587 - TOCpagebreak - toc-even-header-name etc. not working
598 - `<tocpagebreak>` toc-preHTML and toc-postHTML can now contain quotes
759 - ToC i
H A DConfigVariables.php207 // Specify whether to automatically generate ToC entries from h1 - h6 tags
209 Define arrays with e.g. the tag=>ToC-level
210 Remember ToC levels start at 0
212 Only the default ToC will be used if > 1 ToCs are defined for the document
H A Dnl.php10 return "_a4 _aan5 _aarts5 _aat5 _ab5l _acht5end _ac5re _adi5 _af3 _af5l _af5s _aftu5re _al3ee _al3f _alk4 _al5ko _alko5v _al5ma _al3om _al4st _ana3s _an3d2 _an3en _an3gl _an5th _ar5d _ar5tr _as5h _as5l _as3t _as5tra _as3u _at4a _ave5n _b4 _be3la _be5ra _be5ri _bos1 _c4 _coo5 _co3ro _cus5 _d4 _daar5 _da4gi _dag5r _da2k _dan2 _debe4 _de2k _dek5l _dek5s _den4k5r _de5od _de3ro _de5sta _di4a _die4p _di3o _doet3 _do3v _du4w _e4 _ede2 _edel5a _ed3w _ee4n _eer5ste _eest3 _eesto4 _eet3 _ei3l _ei5sc _ei3sp _ei5t _el4s5 _en5s _en5th _ep4a _ere5s _er2f _erf3l _er3in _ert4 _erts3 _es3 _es5c _es5pe _es5tr _eten4 _et4h _ets5te_ _eu3 _eus5 _\xc3\xa92 _f4 _fel4s _g4 _gaat5 _gang5s _gea5v _ge3l4a _ge5le _gelo5v _ge3n4a _gena5z _ge5ne _ge5no _ge3ra _ge5r4e _ge5r4o _gerst5a _ge3s _ge5sk _ge5ta _ge5tj _ge5to _gid4 _go4m _goot3 _h2 _handels5 _her5in _hits5t _ho4lo _houd5s _i4 _ide5o _ij4s _ijs5l _ijs3p _ijs3t _ik3 _in1 _in5d4 _in3g4 _in5gr _ink2 _in5kr _in5kw _in3s4 _in5sl _in5st _in5ta _is5c _j4 _jor5 _k4 _ka3d _ka5g _ka4taa _kerk5l _kerk5r _kerk5u _ker5sten _ke4s _koot5 _ko5pe _kop5l _ko3v _kun2 _l4 _laat5ste _le4b5 _leg3o _le4g3r _leid5st _len4s3 _le5r4 _le4s3 _le5th _lin5d _lof5 _loot3 _lo4s1 _lu3e _lui5t4j _lu4s _m4 _ma5d _ma5\xc3\xaf _meel5d _me5la _me5ni _merk5l _me2s _me4st _met5ee _mij4n5i _moot3 _mor5sten _mo4s _n4 _naat5 _na3d _na3n _na3s4 _nee5s _ne2p _nep3a _ne4s _ne5te _ne4t3j _neu4t5j _nie4t5j _noot5 _nos5t _no5v _o4 _oe4r5 _oe4s5 _oeve4 _ol3f _om1 _omme3 _on3a _on3d _onde4r _on1e _on5g _on3i _on5k _on1o _ono5v _on2t3 _on4tee _on4ter _ont5s _ooi5tj _oot5jes _op5ee _opi5 _op5l _op3r _op5s _org4 _os5 _ove4 _p4 _pee5tj _peri5 _pers5te_ _piet5j _pits5te_ _poort5j _po4st _puit4 _pui5tj _pu2t _r4 _raads5le _ran4d _rand5a _re4men _ren4o _reno5v _re5o _rie4t3 _rij5sp _ring5s4 _roe5tj _ro4l _ro4st _ro4t3h _ro5v _s4 _sap3 _sa5v _sci3 _see3 _seks5te _se5re _set3 _se5v _side3 _ski3s4 _sneu3 _sno2 _so2k3 _song5 _spoor5tj _st4 _ste4m _t4 _taart5j _tan4da _te4a _te4f _tek2 _te3le _ten5ac _te3no _ten4t5j _te3ra _ter4p5a _ter5s _te4s _ti2n _tin3a _tin3e _toe5pr _to4lo _to4p _to5v _tri3s4 _ts4 _tsa3 _tuit5j _ty2r _u4 _ui2 _ui5s _uit1 _uit4je _uke5 _ur4a _vaat5j _ven4t5j _ve4r3 _ves5p _vet3j _vie4r _vol5s _w4 _wals5te_ _wee4ko _wee4t3 _we4l3 _wen4s5t _west5r _win4s _xe3 _y2 _z4 _zes5 _zit5 _zooi5 4a_ a4a4 4aad aad1a aad1o aad1r aad5sap aaf5a 4aag aag1a aag3e aag3o aag5r aags4 aag3sa aag5so aag3sp aai3l aak1a aak3e2 aak1o aak5r aak3sp aal5a2 aal1e aal5f4o aalfo5l aal1i aal5k aal5m aal1o2 aal3sl aal5so aal5spe aal5ste aal1u aam1a aam3o aam4sta aam4ste aan1a 5aandee aand4r aan1e2 aan5g aan5i 3aanj aan5k4 3aann aan3o aan3sp aans4po aant4 3aanta 3aanv aap1a aap3i aap3o2 aap3r aar3a aar4d5as aar3e4 aar1i 4aarn aar1o2 aar5spel aar4t5on aarts5l aar3u aas3e aas3i 4aast aas5tr aat3a aat5e aat3h aat3i aat1o aat5r abak4s5 aba4l abat4s ab5eun ab3ijz a2bon aboot4j abot4j 2abr ab3ru 4ac_ a3cal a3car 4ace ace3st 4ach_ a3cha 2a1che 4a1chi ach3l a1cho a3chr 4achs ach5tec a1chu achuut5 4ack ac3kl 2acl 2a3co 2acr ac5res 4acta 4acu 4ad_ a5da_ ad3ac ada2d ada4l ada2r3 adas5 2add a5de_ ad3ei ade5re a5des a3det a5deta ad3e4te 2adh 4ad4i adi3al adi4oc adi4od 4adk 2adl 4ado_ a3doo 2adp ad3rei a3d4ri ad3rol 2ads ad5se ad3so ad1s4t ad5sta ad3ui ad3w 2ady 4ae aege4 ae5k4 a3e2p ae3r ae2s3 ae4s5t a3eu a2\xc3\xab a4\xc3\xabr 4afa af3aa a2f3ac af4as af4at afd4i afd2r af5d4w 4afe afee4 4afi af3l 4afo a5fo_ a2foe afon4d af3op af5org af1r af3s4 afs2c af5se 3afsl 3afsp aft4a af5tr af3ui 2afy 4ag_ ag1a2d ag3af ag3a2m ag3ar ag3di a5ge_ agee5t 4a5gen_ ager4s ag3ex a4gil ag3ind a4g3ins agi5ot 4ag1l ag3of a4g3or ag4o3v a2gr ag4ra ag5rap ag3ru ag3sl ag4sle ag5slu ags2p ag3spe ag3spi ag1st ag3sta ag5str 2agt agu5a a2g3ui ag3u4r a2g3uu 2ah 4a1ha 4a5he ahe5ri a1hi ah3l a3ho ah5r ah5t2 a3hu a3hy ai5a2 ai4dr ai1e a1ij ai5k ail3m ai2lo a2in aio4 ai3ov ai3s4 ai5sc ai4s5l ai5sn ai1so ai1st ai5tj ai3tr aiu4 a\xc3\xafn4 a\xc3\xafns5 a\xc3\xafs3o4 2a1j ajaars5 aka2 ak3af ak3ag a4k3ar a4k3ed ak3emi ake2t ak3id ak3ink ak5is 1akko 4a2k3l a2k3n ak5ne ak4ni a3kof ak3on ak3o2p a2kr ak5ru 2aks ak4so ak5spe ak1st ak5to ak5t4w a2k3u4 ak1w ak3wi a1la a4l3ach al3adr a3l4ag a3lal a5lapr al3art 4ald a1le a5le_ al3eff 2aleg a2l3el ale5ro ale5ste ale4tj a3l\xc3\xa8 al4fen alf3l al5fon alfu4 al2gl a3lie al3int alk5ei al5kle alk3s al4kui al5le al4mac al5me a1lo a4l3ol alo2n al3ou a4l3o4v 2alp al3s4ag al3san al3scr als5j al2sl als5li als5m al4sn al4s3oo al4stem al5sten als5tou altaar5 al3tha al4t3ro alt4st a1lu a2lui al3uit al3u4r alu2s5 4am_ a4m3ac am3adr ama4f 4amag am3art 5ambt ament4j ame4ran ame5tj a2meu am4i 4amm am3oli a2m3o4v 3amp\xc3\xa8 am2pl am4ple am4sm am4s3o am4spr ams5te_ a2m3ui a3nad an3alg an4a3n an3arc 2anc 4anda anda4d and5ank an4d3e4d an4dex 2andj an4dom an5d4ri and5roo ands5lo an4d3ul a4nem a3nen anen3i 4aner an3est ane3us 4ang_ an4gan anga5p ange5st ang5le an2gr ang5sna angs4te aniet3 anij4 3anima an5ion a4n5isl ani5t 4aniv 4ank_ an4kaa anka4n an4k3as an2k3j an4klu ank3of an2k3r a1no an3och a4n3oor an3ork ano3s ano3t4 a4n3ou ano5v 4ans an3san ans3cr an4seg an4serv an4sid an2so4 ans5or ans3pi ans5pir an1st an4s5te_ an5stru an4tac ante4n an3th 2anti ant5sl ant3w 4a1nu a5nuf an3ui an3ur an3uu anze5s 2a1o ao4g ao2l a4om a2op2 aor5t a3os aos3p aos5t 4ap_ a1pa a4pak a4pas ap3as_ ap3ass a1pe ap5eten 4a1pi apij4t5j ap3ijz ap1j 2apl ap3le ap3li ap3lo a1plu apon5 ap3oo apo3p apo5sta ap3o4v 1appa 4appen 4apr ap3ra a3pre a4prem a5p4ris ap3ru ap2sa ap4si ap2s3l ap3sn ap4ste_ 2apt ap3tj 2apu a2q 4ar_ a1ra araat5j a4r3app ara3s4 ar2da ard3ac ard3ak ardo4 ar4d3om ar4d3op ar4d3ov ar2d1r ar4dra ard3re ar4du ard3w a1re 5a2rea a3reg a3rem ar4en are4no are3sp a3rev ar3gh ar2gl a1ri arie4tj arij3s ar3ins ark2 ark3ac ar3k4l ar4map arm3u a1ro a2r3ob ar3oge a3rok aro4ko ar3oog a2r1o2p a3rot arpi4 ar2s ar5sch ar3scr ars2e ar5see ar3si ars3l ar4sla ars5m ar3sni ar4so ar4sp ar5spo ars3ta ars5tal ar4s5tek ar4str ar4su art4aa ar4t3ak ar4tan art5ank ar4tap ar3tar 4arte 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au3t4 4aut_ 1auto auto3p 2auts3 auw3a 4auz a4\xc3\xbc avast4 ave3c avee4 ave4n3i aven5sp aver3a ave3re ave3r4u 4avi a2vo 1a4von a5voo a5vor 4avy 2a1w axis4 ay2a 4azif \xc3\xa43h \xc3\xa4mme3 \xc3\xa43r 1b 4b_ 3ba baar5ste baar5tj ba4da bad3ar ba4d3r bad3s ba3g4h ba3gl 5b2ak ba4k3o4 bak4sp ba3lan ba4lar bal3dw bale4 bal3ev ba3li\xc3\xab bal4kl ba3lo bals4 bal3sf ba4me ba5n2a ban4k3a ban4kl ban4k3o ban4kr bank3w ba3sa ba4st ba2tr ba3tro 4bb bbe4l5ag bbe4l5ee bbe2n bben3a 4b1c 4b1d4 b5de bdi5a 3b4e be1a be3as be2au be3ch be5dwe be5dwi be5dwo bee4 beet1 be5g beie4 bei3s bei5tj be5ki be3k4l be1kw be3lar be5l4as bel5dr be3le be4l3ec be4lex bel5f be3li be4l5int bel3k bel4o be3lo5v bel3sc bel3sp belt4 bemen4s be3nep be5n4o be5ot be1ra bere5s4 ber4g5af ber4g5et ber4gl ber4gr ber4i be1r4o bero5v be3ru be3ry be1s4 bes5ac be4sh be4sje be3so be5sp bes5s bes5te_ bes5ten_ be5stie bet2 be3t4h be5ton bet5ren be3tw be5twi be3und beur4s 4b3f 2b1g 4b3h 3b2i bid3s bi2du bie4li bi4en bie4t3j bij5d bij3f bij3g4 bij5k4 bij1p bij1s2 bik4a 5bil bi3lo bil3s2 bin4dr bin4st bin4t3j bi5ob bi3ok bi5om bi3oso bi5ow bir3 bi4st bis5troo bi1tr bit4se bit4s3p 4b1j 4b1k 3b4l blad5ij 2b5lap b5led bles3 ble5spe ble2t3 b5lid blijs4 blij5ste bli2k 4b5loi blok5l bloot5j blu2s 2b1m 4b1n b4o bo4d3ec body3 boe4g3a boe4kn boe4ko boes4 boe3st boet5st bo3f4l bo2k bok3an bokje5 bok4st bolk4 bo2m3a4 bo2m3o bo5na bond2 bond4s5 3bone bo3no bon4t3j bon4t5o4 boot3j boots5te_ bo3p2 bor4sta borst5o bor4st5r bo4s bos3a bo5sco bo5si bo5so bos5p bos5to bot3j bo4to bot3r bot4sp bot4st bo2tu bou5ta bouw5s bo3v bove4 4b1p 3br4 braad5s bran4da bra5str brei5s4 brie4t brie5tje_ bri4l bro2n bron3o4 bru2l 4b1s4 b2s5a b5sc b3si bsi3d bs5je b2s5la b2s5m bs5s b4stij 4bt4 b3ta b1tr bts5 3b4u buit4j bul4k bu4lu bune5t b5urb bu5ri bus5c bus3o but4a but3j bu2to but4s buts5te buur4tj 4bv 2b3w by3 4bz 4c_ 1ca 3ca_ ca3b ca1ch 5cada ca3do ca3dr cae3 ca3g2 cal4l3 ca3lo came5r ca3na cant4 ca2of ca1pr ca4pra ca5pri ca3ra car4u ca5se ca3s2p 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