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H A Dhandleselection.php161 * Selection is saved as bullet list on a wikipage
163 * @param string $savedSelectionName Title for saved selection
165 * @return array with message and item for the list of saved selections
189 $response['success'] = sprintf($this->getLang('saved'), $save_pageid);
202 * @param string $page with saved selection
224 * Load the specified saved selection
226 * @param string $page with saved selection
252 * Returns title and list of pages from a Saved Selection
H A Dbookmanager.php137 // Displays the list of saved selections
147 // generates the list of saved selections
358 * Lists saved selections, by looking up corresponding pages in the reserverd namespace
H A Dexportsaved.php86 * include a link to the requested export of the saved selection
H A Dhelper.php15 * Create a item for list of available saved selections
H A Dstyle.css145 * List of saved selections
H A Dscript.js533 * click handler: load or delete saved selections
810 //saved selection list