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H A Dbookmanager.php120 // verification that if the user can save / delete the selections
155 * Generates the list of save selections
164 * the list with save selections is only displayed once, and the bookmanager with priority
190 * Only visible when a selection is loaded from the save selections or from cookie FIXME
193 * @param bool $usercansave User has permissions to save the selection
276 // Save current selection to a wikipage
287 $form->setHiddenField('task', 'save');
288 $form->addButton('saveselection', $this->getLang('save'))->attr('type', 'submit');
H A Dscript.js93 * Set a new selection at once and save
112 * Save current selection in browser's localStorage
589 * Save selection at a wiki page
796 //save selection