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H A Dadmin.php48 * Execute the requested action(s) and initialize the plugin repository
53 // initialize the remote repository
54 /* @var helper_plugin_extension_repository $repository */
55 $repository = $this->loadHelper('extension_repository');
57 if (!$repository->hasAccess(!$INPUT->bool('purge'))) {
H A Dcli.php75 $this->warning('Extension Repository API is not accessible, no remote info available!');
273 /** @var helper_plugin_extension_repository $repository */
274 $repository = $this->loadHelper('extension_repository');
275 $result = $repository->search($query);
H A Dgittool.php42 'plugin repository to find the proper git repository. Multiple extensions can be given as parameters'
53 'The same as clone, but when no git source repository can be found, the extension is installed via ' .
122 $this->error("could not find a repository for $ext");
150 $this->info("could not find a repository for $ext");
169 * Executes the given git command in every repository
249 * Clones the extension from the given repository
301 * Returns the repository for the given extension
H A Ddwpage.php48 'Checks out a file from the repository, using the wiki id and obtaining ' .
70 'Checks in the working_file into the repository using the specified ' .
H A Drepository.php16 * Class helper_plugin_extension_repository provides access to the extension repository on dokuwiki.org
26 * Initialize the repository (cache), fetches data for all installed plugins
72 * If repository access is available
75 * @return bool If repository access is available
108 * @return array The data or null if nothing was found (possibly no repository access)
H A Dgui.php121 /* @var helper_plugin_extension_repository $repository FIXME should we use some gloabl instance? */
122 $repository = $this->loadHelper('extension_repository');
123 $result = $repository->search($INPUT->str('q'));
H A Dextension.php30 /** @var helper_plugin_extension_repository $repository */
31 private $repository;
96 if ($this->repository == null) {
97 $this->repository = $this->loadHelper('extension_repository');
100 $this->remoteInfo = $this->repository->getData($this->getID());
541 * Get the URL of the source repository if there is any
543 * @return string|bool The URL of the source repository if there is any, false otherwise
24 private $repository = null; global() variable in helper_plugin_extension_extension
H A Dlist.php470 $html .= '<dt>' . $this->getLang('repository') . '</dt>';
H A DREADME.md22 A [Composer](http://getcomposer.org/) file has been added to this repository.
H A DREADME.md28 Note that this updated version is **version 2.0.0**. I have kept the original class tagged as **version 1.0.10** (it was the 10th commit to the Google Code svn repository). If you want to use Composer to install the **old** class, simply specify `^1` as the version constraint (which will allow for backwards-compatible changes to be installed, if any get made, while never jumping to my modified class without your direct action):
H A Dkotlin.php718 'Repository', 'RepositoryIdHelper', 'Request',
H A Djava.php734 'Repository', 'RepositoryIdHelper', 'Request',
H A Dgroovy.php720 'Repository', 'RepositoryIdHelper', 'Request',
H A DCHANGELOG38 - Restructure git repository
H A DSSH2.php4838 // libssh repository for more information.