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H A Ddefault.php28 $conf['redirection'] = 1;
H A Dmetadata.php28 $meta['redirection'] = array('onoff');
H A Daction.php99 … logged in and a timestamp exists, set timestamp to null (ensures that redirection will work if us…
207 // If user isn't on public or private page yet, check for redirection conditions
212 //msg('Public page creation redirection: id '.$_GET['id'].'; do '.$_GET['do'], 1);
216 //msg('Private page creation redirection: id '.$_GET['id'].'; do '.$_GET['do'], 1);
217 …// Else if redirection is enabled and user's private page exists AND [(user isn't requesting a spe…
218 …} elseif (($this->getConf('redirection')) && (page_exists($this->private_page)) && (((!isset($_GET…
219 //msg('Default redirection: id '.$_GET['id'].'; do '.$_GET['do'], 1);