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H A Dscript.js45 // if we are not on the plugin page (either main or popup)
54 /* ---- from here on we're in the popup or admin page ---- */
59 var $btn = jQuery('<button>' + LANG.plugins.styling.popup + '</button>');
64 window.open(DOKU_BASE + 'lib/plugins/styling/popup.php', 'styling_popup', windowFeatures);
68 return; // we exit here if this is not the popup
71 /* ---- from here on we're in the popup only ---- */
H A Dadmin.php72 $target = DOKU_BASE . 'lib/plugins/styling/popup.php';
H A Dpage.js71 * Create/get a insitu popup used by the footnotes
73 * @param target - the DOM element at which the popup should be aligned at
74 * @param popup_id - the ID of the (new) DOM popup
75 * @return the Popup jQuery object
78 // get or create the popup div
81 // popup doesn't exist, yet -> create it
103 * Display an insitu footnote popup
H A Dmedia.js2 * JavaScript functionality for the media management popup
11 popup: false, property in dw_mediamanager
14 $popup: null,
149 * build the popup window
156 dw_mediamanager.$popup = jQuery(document.createElement('div'))
207 dw_mediamanager.$popup.append($p);
212 dw_mediamanager.$popup.append($insp);
233 dw_mediamanager.$popup.dialog('close');
326 //popup
687 * shows the popup fo
H A Dtoolbar.js146 * Button action for the media popup
H A Dmediamanager.php4 * DokuWiki Media Manager Popup
14 <html lang="<?php echo $conf['lang']?>" dir="<?php echo $lang['direction'] ?>" class="popup no-js">
H A D_media_popup.css2 * This file provides styles for the media manager popup
8 html.popup {
H A D_search.less3 * and the AJAX search popup.
162 /* AJAX quicksearch popup
H A D_fileuploader.css3 * used in the media manager (both fullscreen and popup).
H A D_modal.css74 /* media option wizard (opens when inserting media in the media popup)
H A Dcontent.less173 /*____________ JS popup ____________*/
H A Dscreen.css71 /* media manager popup toggle buttons */
H A DDisplayRow.php8 * Display a MediaFile in the Media Popup
H A Drebol.php90 'help','hide','hide-popup','image?','import-email','in',
110 'set-net','set-path?','set-word?','show','show-popup','sign?',
H A Dsmarty.php61 'popup', 'textformat'
H A Dpowerbuilder.php269 'pipeline!', 'pipemeter!', 'pipestart!', 'popup!',
H A Dvisualfoxpro.php136 'PemStatus','Pi','Pivot','Play','Pop','Popup',
H A Djava5.php411 'JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatterFactory', 'JFrame', 'JInternalFrame', 'JInternalFrame.JDesktopIcon', 'JLabel', 'JLayeredPane', 'JList', 'JMenu', 'JMenuBar', 'JMenuItem', 'JOptionPane', 'JPanel', 'JPasswordField', 'JPopupMenu', 'JPopupMenu.Separator', 'JProgressBar', 'JRadioButton', 'JRadioButtonMenuItem', 'JRootPane', 'JScrollBar', 'JScrollPane', 'JSeparator', 'JSlider', 'JSpinner', 'JSpinner.DateEditor', 'JSpinner.DefaultEditor', 'JSpinner.ListEditor', 'JSpinner.NumberEditor', 'JSplitPane', 'JTabbedPane', 'JTable', 'JTable.PrintMode', 'JTextArea', 'JTextField', 'JTextPane', 'JToggleButton', 'JToggleButton.ToggleButtonModel', 'JToolBar', 'JToolBar.Separator', 'JToolTip', 'JTree', 'JTree.DynamicUtilTreeNode', 'JTree.EmptySelectionModel', 'JViewport', 'JWindow', 'KeyStroke', 'LayoutFocusTraversalPolicy', 'ListCellRenderer', 'ListModel', 'ListSelectionModel', 'LookAndFeel', 'MenuElement', 'MenuSelectionManager', 'MutableComboBoxModel', 'OverlayLayout', 'Popup', 'PopupFactory', 'ProgressMonitor',
H A Dmediamanager.php43 // If this page is directly opened it means we are in popup mode not fullscreen
H A Dtemplate.php1398 * prints the "main content" in the mediamanager popup
1580 * prints the namespace tree in the mediamanager popup
H A Dmedia.php4 * All output and handler function needed for the media management popup