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H A Ddokuwiki.php42 // 'email' e-mail address (will be obfuscated as per mailguard)
76 $conf['mailguard'] = 'hex'; //obfuscate email addresses against spam harvesters?
H A Dfeed.php
H A Dconfig.metadata.php186 $meta['mailguard'] = ['multichoice', '_choices' => ['visible', 'hex', 'none']];
H A Dmetadata.php574 * Should honor $conf['mailguard'] setting
H A Drenderer.php654 * Should honor $conf['mailguard'] setting
H A Dxhtml.php1123 * Honors $conf['mailguard'] setting
1157 if ($conf['mailguard'] == 'visible') $address = rawurlencode($address);
H A Dcommon.php1525 * return an obfuscated email address in line with $conf['mailguard'] setting
1537 switch ($conf['mailguard']) {