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H A Dbookmanager.php130 //export as xhtml or text, is handled in action component 'export'
189 * Displays the Bookmanager - Let organize selections and export them
236 // PDF Export
244 if(file_exists(DOKU_PLUGIN."odt/action/export.php") && !plugin_isdisabled("odt")) {
256 $form->addFieldsetOpen($this->getLang('export'));
H A Dexportsaved.php16 $this->Lexer->addSpecialPattern('~~EXPORT.*?~~', $mode, 'plugin_bookcreator_exportsaved');
50 //type: EXPORT...
86 * include a link to the requested export of the saved selection
H A DMenuItem.php10 * Implements the PDF export button for DokuWiki's menu system
H A Dpagetools.php108 * Add 'export pdf' button to page tools, new SVG based mechanism