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H A Dauth.php310 if (!$info['grps'] || !in_array($conf['defaultgroup'], $info['grps'])) {
311 $info['grps'][] = $conf['defaultgroup'];
H A Ddokuwiki.php59 $conf['defaultgroup']= 'user'; //Default groups new Users are added to
H A Dauth.php207 array_unshift($grps, $conf['defaultgroup']);
550 $groups = [$conf['defaultgroup']]; // always add default config
H A Dauth.php256 if (!in_array($conf['defaultgroup'], $info['grps'])) {
257 $info['grps'][] = $conf['defaultgroup'];
H A Dconfig.metadata.php148 $meta['defaultgroup'] = ['string'];
H A Dauth.php153 if (!is_array($grps)) $grps = [$conf['defaultgroup']];
H A Dadmin.php589 $this->specials[] = '@' . $conf['defaultgroup'];
H A Dadmin.php392 $notes[] = sprintf($this->lang['note_group'], $conf['defaultgroup']);