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H A DConflict.php9 * Class Conflict
11 * Show the conflict resolution screen
15 class Conflict extends AbstractAction
14 class Conflict extends AbstractAction global() class
H A DSave.php48 //conflict check
54 throw new ActionException('conflict');
H A DEdit.php80 // This is used for conflict detection
H A DPageConflict.php8 * DokuWiki Page Conflict Interface
30 * Show conflict form to ask whether save anyway or cancel the page edits
42 echo p_locale_xhtml('conflict');
55 echo $form->toHTML('Conflict');
H A Dyaml.php35 * as, in general, it's ugly and tends to conflict with plain-text. Ensuring all
H A Dhttputils.php319 409 => 'Conflict',
H A Dhtml.php616 * show warning on conflict detection
H A DDifferenceEngine.php1322 * Conflict counter.