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H A Ddokuwiki.php149 $conf['canonical'] = 0; //Should all URLs use full canonical http://... style?
H A Dinit.php106 if ($conf['canonical']) {
454 * @param null|bool $abs Return an absolute URL? (null defaults to $conf['canonical'])
462 $abs ??= $conf['canonical'];
H A Dtemplate.php350 $head['link'][] = ['rel' => 'canonical', 'href' => $canonicalUrl];
H A Dfeed.php
H A Dconfig.metadata.php236 $meta['canonical'] = ['onoff'];
H A Dasymptote.php477 'canonical',
H A DEnclosure.php1043 * converts types to their canonical representations based on the file
H A DX509.php82 * Return canonical ASN.1 RDNs string