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H A Dadmin.php66 //Deal with the autosubmit option
67 $this->enableAutosubmit($INPUT->has('autosubmit'));
72 * Enable or disable autosubmit
73 * @param bool $enable If TRUE, it will enable autosubmit. Else, it will disable it.
93 //If there was an error the last time we tried to autosubmit, warn the user
140 $form .= '<label for="autosubmit">'
141 . '<input type="checkbox" name="autosubmit" id="autosubmit" '
143 . '/> ' . $this->getLang('autosubmit') . '<br />'
H A Daction.php27 $controller->register_hook('INDEXER_TASKS_RUN', 'AFTER', $this, 'autosubmit', []);
36 public function autosubmit(Event $event, $param)
61 * Check if it's time to send autosubmit data
62 * (we should have check if autosubmit is enabled first)
33 public function autosubmit(Doku_Event &$event, $param) global() function in action_plugin_popularity
H A Dhelper.php20 * Name of the file which determine if the the autosubmit is enabled,
26 * File where the last error which happened when we tried to autosubmit, will be log
43 $this->autosubmitFile = $conf['cachedir'] . '/autosubmit.txt';
49 * Check if autosubmit is enabled
H A Dbehaviour.js116 * Autosubmit quick select forms
H A Dinstall.php469 @touch(DOKU_INC . 'data/cache/autosubmit.txt');