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H A DSettingAuthtype.php54 if ($conf['authtype'] != $input) {
H A Dconfig.metadata.php45 * 'authtype' - as 'setting', input validated against a valid php file at expected location for auth files
51 * 'authtype' - as multichoice, selection constructed from the enabled auth plugins
123 $meta['authtype'] = ['authtype', '_caution' => 'danger'];
H A Dapache.php63 'AllowOverride','AuthName','AuthType','ContentDigest',
H A Dhelper.php151 $data['conf_authtype'] = $conf['authtype'];
H A Ddokuwiki.php57 $conf['authtype'] = 'authplain'; //which authentication backend should be used
H A Dinfoutils.php289 if ($conf['authtype'] == 'plain') {
H A Dauth.php54 if ($conf['authtype'] === $plugin) {
H A Dlist.php600 $conf['authtype'] != $extension->getID()
H A Dextension.php166 if ($this->id == $conf['authtype']) return true;
H A Dauth.php18 * $conf['authtype'] = 'authad';