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H A Ddefault.php29 $conf['action'] = 'edit';
H A Dmetadata.php29 $meta['action'] = array('multichoice','_choices'=>array('edit','show'));
H A Dhelper.php194 …echo '<form class="button btn_show" method="post" action="doku.php?id='.$this->getPrivateID().'"><…
196 …echo '<form class="button btn_show" method="post" action="doku.php?id='.$this->getPublicID().'"><i…
H A Daction.php13 require_once (DOKU_PLUGIN . 'action.php');
113 … If there's no conflict between private and public space and if user did not request an action page
211 … send_redirect(wl($this->public_page, array('do='.$this->getConf('action')), true));
215 … send_redirect(wl($this->private_page, array('do='.$this->getConf('action')), true));