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H A Dbehaviour.js129 .change(function(e){ HTMLFormElement.prototype.submit.call(e.target.form); }) method in HTMLFormElement
H A Dfileuploader.js1026 form.submit();
H A Dfileuploaderextended.js266 form.submit();
H A DBUGS28 Send any bug reports to BenBE@omorphia.de, or submit them via the bug tracker at
H A DREADME.md22 report at <BenBE@geshi.org>, submit to the [bug tracker at GitHub](https://github.com/GeSHi/geshi-1…
H A Djquery.min.js2 …!0,checkbox:!0,file:!0,password:!0,image:!0})b.pseudos[e]=de(e);for(e in{submit:!0,reset:!0})b.pse…
H A Dbasic.less408 input[type=submit],
425 input[type=submit]:hover,
426 input[type=submit]:active,
427 input[type=submit]:focus,