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H A DCHANGES.md286 …ker/ckeditor-plugin-wsc/issues/46): Fixed: Editing is blocked when remote spell checker server is …
369 …lChecker/ckeditor-plugin-wsc/issues/40): Fixed: IE10 throws an error when spell checking is starte…
H A Dckeditor.js.unc26609 CKEDITOR.config.wsc_cmd = a.config.wsc_cmd || CKEDITOR.config.wsc_cmd || "spell";
H A Dscayt.txt1spell-checking to a Scayt server. While there is no reason to believe this is a security risk, nev…
H A Dwsc.js33 …g.showPage("Thesaurus");a.dialog.showPage("GrammTab");q()},allowedTabCommands:{spell:!0,grammar:!0, property in v.superset.allowedTabCommands
34spell:!0},defaultTabCommand:"spell"},rtl:{onShow:function(){y();u();q()},allowedTabCommands:{spell property in v.rtl.allowedTabCommands
H A Dall.min.css5 …peakap:before{content:"\f3f3"}.fa-speaker-deck:before{content:"\f83c"}.fa-spell-check:before{conte…
H A Dwords.txt3362 spell
H A DCREDITS.txt74 * converter, spell numbers, keyboard language, Muslim prayer time,
H A Dfontawesome.all.min.css5 …peakap:before{content:"\f3f3"}.fa-speaker-deck:before{content:"\f83c"}.fa-spell-check:before{conte…
H A D3.3.js.map1spell checking by the underlying browser/OS. the value can be:\\n\\n* `true`: Indicates that the…
H A D2.2.js.map1 …speak-as\",\n \"syntax\": \"auto | bullets | numbers | words | spell-out | <counter-sty…
H A Dcss.min.js.map1 …er\", \"space\", \"space-around\", \"space-between\", \"space-evenly\", \"spell-out\", \"square\",…
H A Dstylus.min.js.map1 …,\"source-atop\",\"source-in\",\"source-out\",\"source-over\",\"space\",\"spell-out\",\"square\",\…
H A Dsyntaxhighlighter.js.map1spell-out square s-resize static status-bar sub super sw-resize ' +\n 'table-caption table-cell…
H A Dlang-xq.js64spell:suggest-detailed|spell:suggest|spell:remove-word|spell:make-dictionary|spell:load|spell:leve…
H A Dwsc.js32 …wPage("Thesaurus");a.dialog.showPage("GrammTab");q()},allowedTabCommands:{spell:!0,grammar:!0,thes… property in v.superset.allowedTabCommands
33spell:!0},defaultTabCommand:"spell"},rtl:{onShow:function(){x();u();q()},allowedTabCommands:{spell property in v.spellgrammar.allowedTabCommands
H A Dspellcheck.php59 $spell = new Aspell($conf['lang'],null,'utf-8'); variable
60 $spell->setMode(PSPELL_FAST);
64 $spell->personal = DOKU_INC.'conf/words.aspell';
112 global $spell;
132 if(!$spell->runAspell($string,$out,$err,array('!','+html','@nbsp'))){
180 if($spell->version >= 600){
H A Dtmp1 // load spell checker
H A DChanges11 Hide language selection button for SpellerPages spell checker when SCAYT is in effect.
H A Dquotes.txt867 I respect a man who knows how to spell a word more than one way. <BR> -- Mark Twain
919 They spell it "da Vinci" and pronounce it "da Vinchy". Foreigners always spell better than they pro…
1068 …e, alone among all the French, could rearrange the letters in his name to spell "Rent An Abalone P…
2987 Nothing you can't spell will ever work. <BR> -- Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
2998 We are all here for a spell; get all the good laughs you can. <BR> -- Will Rogers (1879 - 1935)
3736 I can't spell and beer doesn't help.
H A Dbible_verses.txt4440 For there is no unlucky spell against Jacob,Nor any divination against Israel.At this time it may b…
5396 or one who binds others with a spell or anyone who consults a spirit medium or a professional foret…
H A DGoogleAPI.php75 function do_spell( $q, &$spell ){ argument
82 $spell = $soapclient->call('doSpellingSuggestion', $params, $this->soapoptions);
90 return $spell;