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H A Dpdfmake.min.js.map1 …e('hello {{ user }}!');\n\t * compiled({ 'user': 'mustache' });\n\t * // => 'hello mustach…
H A Dvue.min.js.map1 …(stream) {\n if (stream.match(/^\\{\\{.*?\\}\\}/)) return \"meta mustache\";\n while…
H A Dcomposer.lock209 "name": "mustache/mustache",
213 "url": "https://github.com/bobthecow/mustache.php.git",
218 …"url": "https://api.github.com/repos/bobthecow/mustache.php/zipball/e95c5a008c23d3151d59ea72484d4f…
247 "homepage": "https://github.com/bobthecow/mustache.php",
249 "mustache",
H A Dsyntax.php168 $mustache = new Mustache_Engine(array(
171 $tpl = $mustache->loadTemplate('jplayer.'.$skin.'.audio.playlist');
H A DCONTRIBUTING.md6 1. [Fork the repo on GitHub](https://github.com/bobthecow/mustache.php).
H A DREADME.md4 A [Mustache](http://mustache.github.com/) implementation in PHP.
6 …p://img.shields.io/packagist/v/mustache/mustache.svg?style=flat-square)](https://packagist.org/pac…
7 …p://img.shields.io/travis/bobthecow/mustache.php/dev.svg?style=flat-square)](http://travis-ci.org/…
9 …://img.shields.io/packagist/dm/mustache/mustache.svg?style=flat-square)](https://packagist.org/pac…
65 Read [the Mustache.php documentation](https://github.com/bobthecow/mustache.php/wiki/Home) for more…
71 …* [Readme for the Ruby Mustache implementation](http://github.com/defunkt/mustache/blob/master/REA…
72 * [mustache(5)](http://mustache.github.com/mustache.5.html) man page.
H A DLambdaHelper.php21 private $mustache; variable in Mustache_LambdaHelper
28 * @param Mustache_Engine $mustache Mustache engine instance
32 … public function __construct(Mustache_Engine $mustache, Mustache_Context $context, $delims = null) argument
34 $this->mustache = $mustache;
48 return $this->mustache
74 return new self($this->mustache, $this->context, $delims);
H A DTemplate.php22 protected $mustache; variable in Mustache_Template
32 * @param Mustache_Engine $mustache
34 public function __construct(Mustache_Engine $mustache) argument
36 $this->mustache = $mustache;
148 $helpers = $this->mustache->getHelpers();
173 return $this->mustache
H A DREADME.md9732 compiled({ 'user': 'mustache' });
9733 // => 'hello mustache!'
H A Dutility.js298 var mustache = _.template('Hello {{planet}}!');
299 assert.equal(mustache({planet: 'World'}), 'Hello World!', 'can mimic mustache.js');
H A Dbible_verses.txt3098 …orn, and his head should become ungroomed, and he should cover over the mustache and call out, 'Un…
8536 …he king; and he had not attended to his feet nor had he attended to his mustache nor had he washed…
21074 …dals you should put upon your feet. And you should not cover over [the] mustache, and the bread of…
22616 …rs will certainly be disappointed. And they will have to cover over the mustache, all of them, for…
H A Dquotes.txt1281 Never put anything on paper, my boy, and never trust a man with a small black mustache. <BR> -- P. …