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H A Dimgmove.php71 … LogUtility::log2file($e->getMessage(), LogUtility::LVL_MSG_ERROR, $e->getCanonical());
167 … LogUtility::log2file($e->getMessage(), LogUtility::LVL_MSG_ERROR, $e->getCanonical());
H A Drouter.php1002 …LogUtility::log2file("processing Page Rules An error occurred with the pattern ($regexpPattern)", …
H A DHttpResponse.php84 …LogUtility::log2file("No status was set for this soft exit, the default was set instead", LogUtili…
102 …LogUtility::log2file("Bad Http Response: $this->status : $this->msg", LogUtility::LVL_MSG_ERROR, $…
H A DLogUtility.php76 self::log2file($e->getMessage(), LogUtility::LVL_MSG_ERROR, $canonical);
97 self::log2file($message, $level, $canonical);
116 static function log2file(?string $msg, int $logLevel = self::LVL_MSG_INFO, $canonical = null) function in ComboStrap\\LogUtility