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H A DEnclosure.php138 var $javascript; variable in SimplePie_Enclosure
226 …public function __construct($link = null, $type = null, $length = null, $javascript = null, $bitra… argument
H A DItem.php2777 $javascript = null;
2820 $javascript = null;
2855 $javascript = null;
H A Dlang.php134 $lang['compress'] = 'Компактен CSS и javascript изглед';
H A Dlang.php167 $lang['defer_js'] = 'Adie a execução do javascript para depois da análise do HTML da p…
H A Dlang.php173 $lang['defer_js'] = 'Adie o javascript para ser executado após a análise do HTML da pá…
H A Dsyntax.txt420 …l html4strict html5 icon idl ini inno intercal io ispfpanel java5 java javascript jcl j jquery jul…
H A Ddeleted.files283 inc/geshi/javascript.php
H A DCHANGELOG991 - Code lines can have their own unique ID (for use with javascript)