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H A DREADME1 For the generator of these files see
2 https://github.com/splitbrain/file-icon-generator/blob/master/example-dokuwiki.php
H A Dfeed.css11 pubDate, generator, webMaster, ttl, docs, tagline, author, copyright, selector
12 generator, content, created, issued, modified, subject, id, format, creator, selector
H A DFeedCreator.php37 public $generator = "info@mypapit.net"; variable in FeedCreator
81 return FEEDCREATOR_VERSION." (".$this->generator.")";
H A Dstopwords.txt1 # Isto es un lista de parolas que le generator de indices ignora, un parola per linea.
H A DREADME.md4 RSS and Atom feed generator by Kai Blankenhorn, slightly cleaned up and packaged for Composer.
107 fixed generator comment (thanks Kevin L. Papendick and Tanguy Pruvot)
H A DRSA.php601 $generator = new BigInteger();
641 $primes[$i] = $generator->randomPrime($min, $finalMax, $timeout);
643 $primes[$i] = $generator->randomPrime($min, $max, $timeout);