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H A Ddwpage.php209 $this->fatal("$wiki_id does not yet exist");
217 $this->fatal("Directory " . dirname($localfile) . " does not exist");
221 $this->fatal("Attempt to check out file into data directory - not allowed");
228 $this->fatal("Unable to copy $wiki_fn to $localfile");
247 $this->fatal("$localfile does not exist");
251 $this->fatal("Cannot read from $localfile");
255 $this->fatal("Summary message required");
H A Dplugin.php43 $this->fatal('Command {cmd} not found.', ['cmd' => $argv[0]]);
H A DREADME.md53 echo "fatal error: " . $e->getMessage();
H A DREADME.md94 ``error()`` (red) or ``fatal()`` (red). The latter will also exit the programm with a non-zero exit…
H A DCLI.php147 if (!isset($this->loglevel[$level])) $this->fatal('Unknown log level');
188 public function fatal($error, array $context = array()) function in splitbrain\\phpcli\\CLI