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H A DLexer.php306 public static function escape($str) function in dokuwiki\\Parsing\\Lexer\\Lexer
H A DEntity.php30 $this->pattern .= $sep. Lexer::escape($entity);
H A DSmiley.php28 $this->pattern .= $sep.'(?<=\W|^)'. Lexer::escape($smiley).'(?=\W|$)';
H A DWordblock.php34 $this->pattern .= $sep.'(?<=\b)(?i)'. Lexer::escape($badword).'(?-i)(?=\b)';
H A Ddeprecated.php54 return \dokuwiki\Parsing\Lexer\Lexer::escape($str);
H A DSettingArray.php68 protected function escape($string) { function in dokuwiki\\plugin\\config\\core\\Setting\\SettingArray
H A Dimport.txt5 …ge afgrænses med anførelsestegn (%%""%%). Omvent skråstreg (\) kan benyttes som "escape character".
H A Dimport.txt5 … con apici (%%""%%). Il backslash (\) può essere usato come carattere di escape, cioè per indicare…
H A Djquery.min.js2escape=function(e){return(e+"").replace(re,ie)},se.error=function(e){throw new Error("Syntax error…
H A DCHANGELOG359 * Fixed escape char regexp for C-style languages (BenBE)
374 - Fixed a problem where HardEscapes weren't working when no escape char was given (BenBE)
378 - Added a possibility to allow setting the style for escape characters (BenBE)
531 …* Fixed escape char support when an escape char is followed by multi-byte chars (SF#2037598, BenBE)
796 - Removed \ as an escape character in T-SQL (Dave Jackson)
832 - Removed escape characters for strings in XML and HTML (floele)
849 - Fix for using escape characters to escape newlines breaking XHTML compliance (Yves Goergen)
H A Dgeshi.php2706 $escape = $escape_regexp_cache_per_key[$next_escape_regexp_key];
2707 $escape_str = substr($part, $es_pos, $escape['length']);
2708 $escape_key = $escape['key'];
2721 $start = $es_pos + $escape['length'];
H A DMBOXCreator.php34 $escape = "=";
47 $c = $escape.$hex["$h2"].$hex["$h1"];
50 $output .= $newline.$escape.$eol; // soft line break; " =\r\n" is okay