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H A DCHANGELOG988 - Added contrib/ directory with script to create one external stylesheet
1013 called, or by the new method set_language_path(), that specifies a path to the directory
H A DREADME.md19 directory. Documentation is also available [online](http://qbnz.com/highlighter/documentation.php).
H A Dextension.php1094 * @param string $directory - the temp directory where the package was unpacked to
1099 protected function findFolders(&$result, $directory, $default_type = 'plugin', $subdir = '') argument
1101 $this_dir = "$directory$subdir";
1157 $this->findFolders($result, $directory, $default_type, "$found_dir");
H A D.htaccess1 ## no access to the inc directory
H A Dpreload.php.dist6 * local configuration files out of the main ./conf directory.
9 // set this to your farm directory
H A DTar.php168 $directory = ($fileinfo->getIsdir()) ? $output : dirname($output);
169 @mkdir($directory, 0777, true);
H A DZip.php153 $directory = ($header['folder']) ? $output : dirname($output);
154 @mkdir($directory, 0777, true);
H A DREADME.md73 More examples can be found in the examples directory. Please refer to the [API docs](https://splitb…
H A Dstyle.txt1directory root e questo verrà automaticamente usato. Qui puoi anche caricare una ''favicon.ico''. …
H A DREADME.md14 The only file required is `lessc.inc.php`, so copy that to your include directory.
H A D_admin.less65 /* data directory security check */
H A DREADME.markdown106 2. In the `simplepie` directory, run `git shortlog -ns`
H A D.htaccess.dist35 ## change "/dokuwiki" to the path to your dokuwiki directory relative
H A D.htaccess1 ## no access to the conf directory
H A Dwordblock.conf14 web-directory\.awardspace\.us
H A Ddont-panic-if-you-see-this-in-your-logs-it-means-your-directory-permissions-are-correct.xcf61 …���(������J�(��o���U����"���q���������-������"It seems your data directory i...����������…
63 …������������{���gimp-text-layer������_(text "It seems your data directory is not properly …