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H A DREADME.md103 | `imconvert` | `/usr/bin/convert` | The path to ImageMagick's `convert` binary |
H A DEnclosure.php433 * @param bool $convert Convert seconds into hh:mm:ss
436 public function get_duration($convert = false) argument
440 if ($convert)
H A DReadMe.txt14 The class idna_convert allows to convert internationalized domain names
87 // or UCS-4, you will have to convert it before outputting it
H A Dlessc.inc.php919 return $this->convert( $value, $to );
936 $converted = $this->convert( $values[$a], $first_format );
958 $converted = $this->convert( $values[$a], $first_format );
1769 protected function convert( $number, $to ) function in lessc
H A DX509.php2760 $s = $asn1->convert($s, $type);
2871 $v = $asn1->convert($v, $type);
2951 $v = $asn1->convert($v, $type);
H A DASN1.php1361 function convert($in, $from = self::TYPE_UTF8_STRING, $to = self::TYPE_UTF8_STRING) function in phpseclib\\File\\ASN1
H A Dsyntax.txt226 DokuWiki can convert certain pre-defined characters or strings into images or other text or HTML.
258 Typography: [[DokuWiki]] can convert simple text characters to their typographically correct entiti…