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H A Dhttpclient-4.5.5.jarMETA-INF/MANIFEST.MF META-INF/ org/ org/apache/ org/ ...
H A DCHANGELOG.md43 * Fix: Fix checking whether cancellable promise is an object and avoid possible warning.
H A DREADME.md341 A cancellable promise provides a mechanism for consumers to notify the creator
H A DCancellationQueue.php20 public function enqueue($cancellable) argument
22 …if (!\is_object($cancellable) || !\method_exists($cancellable, 'then') || !\method_exists($cancell…
26 $length = \array_push($this->queue, $cancellable);
36 $cancellable = $this->queue[$i];
41 $cancellable->cancel();