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H A Dsyntax.txt137 …ght doesn't match that of the image, it will be cropped to the new ratio before resizing)): {{wiki…
194 Additionally DokuWiki supports a "poster" image which will be shown before the video has started. T…
327 As you can see, it's the cell separator before a cell which decides about the formatting:
H A DSearch.php68 $before = $INPUT->str('max');
69 … $this->pageLookupResults = ft_pageLookup($QUERY, true, useHeading('navigation'), $after, $before);
70 … $this->fullTextResults = ft_pageSearch($QUERY, $highlight, $INPUT->str('srt'), $after, $before);
H A DSearchState.php77 public function withTimeLimitations($after, $before) argument
81 $parsedQuery['before'] = $before;
H A Dfulltext.php28 …* @param int|string $before only show results with mtime before this date, accepts timestap or str…
32 function ft_pageSearch($query,&$highlight, $sort = null, $after = null, $before = null){ argument
41 'before' => $before
240 …* @param int|string $before only show results with mtime before this date, accepts timestap or s…
244 function ft_pageLookup($id, $in_ns=false, $in_title=false, $after = null, $before = null){ argument
250 'before' => $before
334 …* @param int|string $before only returns results with mtime after this date, accepts timestap or …
338 function _ft_filterResultsByTime(array $results, $after, $before) { argument
339 if ($after || $before) {
341 $before = is_int($before) ? $before : strtotime($before);
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H A Dintro.txt7 Remember to press the **Save** button before leaving this page otherwise your changes will be lost.
H A Dintro_plugins.txt1 … Plugin updates are shown here as well, be sure to read the plugin's documentation before updating.
H A Dscript.js22 $dl.before($filter);
24 $filter.before(LANG.plugins.logviewer.filter + ' ');
H A Dsmoothness.css32 .ui-helper-clearfix:before,
H A Djquery.min.js2 …||9===this.nodeType){var t=qe(this,e);t.insertBefore(e,t.firstChild)}})},before:function(){return …
H A Dpage.js36 $highlight.filter(':last').before($highlightWrap);
44 $highlightWrap.before($highlightWrap.children().detach());
H A Dall.css21 .group:before,
H A Dfeed.css32 :root:before {
H A D_diff.css109 .dokuwiki .diffnav a:before {
118 .dokuwiki .diffnav a.diffprevrev:before {
121 .dokuwiki .diffnav a.diffnextrev:before,
122 .dokuwiki .diffnav a.difflastrev:before {
125 .dokuwiki .diffnav a.diffbothprevrev:before {
128 .dokuwiki .diffnav a.diffbothnextrev:before {
H A Dbasic.less298 q:before,
H A DREADME.md11 - Opened up methods for checking the "local part" (the bit before the `@`) and the "domain part" (a…
54 // "test" is technically a valid string to have before the "@" in an email address
H A DBUGS21 - As of, dots (.) are allowed before keywords. This may change highlighting of some
H A DCHANGELOG530 * Properly handle escapes in strings, i.e. '\\' was not working properly before (milian)
625 - Implemented setting to force spans to be closed before newlines, see SF#1727398 (Milian Wolff)
629 Even if GeSHi worked with PHP 4.1 before, it doesn't now. (Milian Wolff)
764 - Fixed SF bug 1556404 - check before using $this in language files
902 allowed before keywords. (NikO)
H A DTHANKS32 that I "forced" on you guys before ;)
H A Dgeshi.php3245 $before = '';
3269 $before = '<|UR1|"' .
3289 return $before . '<|/'. $k .'/>' . $this->change_case($keyword) . '|>' . $after;
3316 $before = $this->_hmr_before;
3326 $before = str_replace($search, $matches, $before);
3332 return $before
H A DCHANGELOG.md66 * Check the result of sanitize before returning in `get_content()` and `get_description()`. [#494](…
H A DReadMe.txt67 // The input string, if input is not UTF-8 or UCS-4, it must be converted before
87 // or UCS-4, you will have to convert it before outputting it
H A DREADME.md65 you can call ```setCompression``` before each ```addFile()``` and ```addData()``` function call.