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H A DREADME.md314 'baseurl' => null,
1222 At the settings the developer will be able to set a `'baseurl'` parameter that automatically will u…
1439 * `getBaseURL` - Returns the baseurl set on the settings if any.
1440 * `setBaseURL` - Set a baseurl value
H A DSettings.php1097 public function setBaseURL($baseurl) argument
1099 $this->_baseurl = $baseurl;
H A DUtils.php379 public static function setBaseURL($baseurl) argument
381 if (!empty($baseurl)) {
383 if (preg_match('#^https?://([^/]*)/?(.*)#i', $baseurl, $matches)) {
384 if (strpos($baseurl, 'https://') === false) {
H A DREADME.txt23 - #494 with relative filenames with a root path strip the baseurl of paths first.
103 - #412 check for empty baseurl or else player url is appended and affects the url parsing.
H A D7d888258e9745b3716532ea81342daaf.css.compiled1baseurl";s:0:"";s:5:"order";i:1;s:11:"specificity";a:3:{i:0;i:0;i:1;i:0;i:2;i:1;}s:13:"pseudoeleme…
H A Dcss.rules.inc.php7 var $baseurl; variable in CSSRule
14 $pipeline->push_base_url($this->baseurl);
26 $this->baseurl = $rule[2];
H A Dutils_url.php4 function guess_url($path, $baseurl) { argument
11 $data = parse_url($baseurl);
H A Dsample.simplest.from.file.php67 $baseurl = "";
92 $pipeline->process($baseurl, $media);
H A Dsample.simplest.from.memory.php84 $baseurl = '';
109 $pipeline->process_batch(array($baseurl), $media);
H A DREADME.md98 `component-baseurl` tells RequireJS the base path that will use when attempting
100 `component-baseurl` points to the `component-dir` when loaded externally. See
111 "component-baseurl": "/assets"
127 "component-baseurl": "/assets",
H A DREADME.md1202 #### <span id="absurlurl--baseurl">absurl(url [, baseurl])</span>