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H A Dform.php20 * @param array $aggregations
22 public function tpl($aggregations) argument
34 $this->addAdvancedSearch($searchForm, $aggregations);
45 * @param array $aggregations
47 protected function addAdvancedSearch(Form $searchForm, array $aggregations) argument
54 foreach ($aggregations as $term => $aggregation) {
68 * @param array $aggregations Namespace aggregations
71 protected function addCheckboxSelector(Form $searchForm, array $aggregations, $param) argument
73 if (!empty($aggregations)) {
91 foreach ($aggregations as $agg) {
H A DStructuredAggregationQuery.php31 public function setAggregations($aggregations) argument
33 $this->aggregations = $aggregations;
40 return $this->aggregations;
H A DMetricAbsence.php39 public function setAggregations($aggregations) argument
41 $this->aggregations = $aggregations;
48 return $this->aggregations;
H A DMetricThreshold.php54 public function setAggregations($aggregations) argument
56 $this->aggregations = $aggregations;
63 return $this->aggregations;
H A DVersion.php31 protected $aggregations = []; variable in Elastica\\QueryBuilder\\Version
54 return \in_array($name, $this->aggregations, true);
68 return $this->aggregations;
H A DVersion240.php54 protected $aggregations = [ variable in Elastica\\QueryBuilder\\Version\\Version240
H A Deditor_edit.txt5 …unlikely change later as they will be used to reference the fields in aggregations later. Use the …
H A DREADME.md3 A small struct extension plugin that allows the user to style parts of aggregations with plain CSS …
H A DCHANGELOG.md9 …iable_in_scripted_metric_aggregations) with state context variable in scripted metric aggregations
73 …3](https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/2.3/search-aggregations-metrics-percent…
92 …`](https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/6.4/search-aggregations-metrics-percent…
99 * Added support for multiple bucket sort orders for aggregations. [#1480](https://github.com/ruflin…
121 * Added avg_bucket() and sum_bucket() in aggregations [PR#1443](https://github.com/ruflin/Elastica/…
162 - For geo_distance queries, sorting, and aggregations the sloppy_arc option has been removed from t…
200 …- Added avg_bucket() and sum_bucket() in aggregations [PR#1443](https://github.com/ruflin/Elastica…
293 - `\Elastica\Query\GeoDistanceRange`: use distance aggregations or sorting instead
695 - Facets are deprecated. You are encouraged to migrate to aggregations instead. [#855](https://gith…
890 …ttps://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/current/search-aggregations-bucket-reverse-…
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