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H A DFile.php21 class Swift_File class
H A DAttachment.php151 if ($this->getData() instanceof Swift_File)
H A DEmbeddedFile.php47 if ($name === null && !($data instanceof Swift_File)) $this->setFileName($cid);
H A DEncoder.php146 * @param Swift_File The file input stream
152 public function base64EncodeFile(Swift_File $file, $chunk=76, $le="\r\n")
261 * @param Swift_File The file to encode
267 public function QPEncodeFile(Swift_File $file, $chunk=76, $le="\r\n")
292 * @param Swift_File The file stream to read from
298 public function encode7BitFile(Swift_File $file, $chunk=76, $le="\r\n")
320 * @param Swift_File The file stream to read from
326 public function encode8BitFile(Swift_File $file, $chunk=76, $le="\r\n")
H A DImage.php24 * @param Swift_File The input source file
30 …public function __construct(Swift_File $data=null, $name=null, $type="application/octet-stream", $…
37 * @param Swift_File The data to set, as a file
42 …if (!($data instanceof Swift_File)) throw new Exception("Parameter 1 of " . __METHOD__ . " must be…
H A DMime.php262 if ($data instanceof Swift_File) $this->data = $data;
309 $is_file = ($this->getData() instanceof Swift_File);
H A DFileEmbedder.php385 $att = new Swift_Message_EmbeddedFile(new Swift_File($path), $filename, $this->getType($ext));