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H A DSpacelessNode.php25 class SpacelessNode extends Node implements NodeOutputInterface class
H A DParser.php26 use Twig\Node\SpacelessNode; alias
342 …of BlockReferenceNode && ($node instanceof NodeOutputInterface && !$node instanceof SpacelessNode))
362 if (!$nested && $node instanceof SpacelessNode) {
377 if ($node instanceof NodeOutputInterface && !$node instanceof SpacelessNode) {
H A DSpaceless.php3 use Twig\Node\SpacelessNode; alias
11 class Twig_Node_Spaceless extends SpacelessNode
H A Ddeprecated.rst32 instead or ``{% apply spaceless %}`` (the ``Twig\Node\SpacelessNode`` and
H A DSpacelessTokenParser.php14 use Twig\Node\SpacelessNode; alias
42 return new SpacelessNode($body, $lineno, $this->getTag());