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H A DMetric.php25 protected $percentilesType = Percentiles::class;
43 * @param Percentiles
45 public function setPercentiles(Percentiles $percentiles)
50 * @return Percentiles
H A DPercentiles.php20 class Percentiles extends \Google\Model class
44 class_alias(Percentiles::class, 'Google_Service_ChromeUXReport_Percentiles');
H A DCHANGELOG.md72 * `Aggreation\Percentiles` updated to a newer version of the Algorithm (T-Digest 3.2) and Percentil…
73 * `Aggregation\Percentiles` have been updated since [Elasticsearch 2.3](https://www.elastic.co/guid…
92 * Never implemented the method *Missing* on [`Aggregation\Percentiles`](https://www.elastic.co/guid…
H A DPercentiles.php10 class Percentiles extends AbstractSimpleAggregation class
H A DAggregation.php23 use Elastica\Aggregation\Percentiles; alias
195 * @return Percentiles
197 public function percentiles(string $name, string $field = null): Percentiles
199 return new Percentiles($name, $field);