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H A DPage.php102 * @var PageLayout
1065 PageLayout::PROPERTY_NAME,
1628 $this->layout = PageLayout::createFromPage($this);
H A DPageLayout.php7 class PageLayout extends MetadataText class
17 return (new PageLayout())
H A DMetaManagerForm.php33 PageLayout::PROPERTY_NAME,
H A DMetadata.php137 case PageLayout::PROPERTY_NAME:
138 return new PageLayout();
521 PageLayout::PROPERTY_NAME,
H A Dfrontmatter.php46 use ComboStrap\PageLayout; alias
H A DMetadataWriter.php351 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /SinglePage');
353 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /OneColumn');
355 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /TwoColumnLeft');
357 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /TwoColumnRight');
360 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /TwoColumnRight');
362 $this->writer->write('/PageLayout /TwoColumnLeft');
H A Dviewer.js.map1PageLayout values to the format used by `PDFViewer`.\n * NOTE: This is supported to the extent tha…
H A Dpdf.worker.js.map1 …abels;\n }\n\n get pageLayout() {\n const obj = this.catDict.get('PageLayout');\n // Purpo…