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H A DCHANGELOG.md286 - `\Elastica\Query\HasParent` to use `parent_type` instead of `type`. Fixes warning due to field be…
788 - Filter\HasChild::setType, Filter\HasParent::setType now support Type instance as argument
790 - (BC break) Removed as added by mistake: Filter\HasChild::setScope, Filter\HasParent::setScope, Fi…
1115 - Add support for filter inside HasParent filter
1185 - Fix \Elastica\Filter\HasParent usage of \Elastica\Query as to not collide with \Elastica\Filter\Q…
H A DHasParent.php12 class HasParent extends AbstractQuery class
H A DQuery.php19 use Elastica\Query\HasParent; alias
220 * @return HasParent
222 public function has_parent($query, string $type): HasParent
224 return new HasParent($query, $type);