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H A Dcode.php7 class Doku_Renderer_code extends Doku_Renderer {
H A Drenderer.php29 abstract class Doku_Renderer extends Plugin { class
H A Dxhtml.php14 class Doku_Renderer_xhtml extends Doku_Renderer {
H A Dmetadata.php13 class Doku_Renderer_metadata extends Doku_Renderer
H A Dparserutils.php693 * @return null|Doku_Renderer The renderer
711 /** @var Doku_Renderer $Renderer */
H A DSyntaxPlugin.php6 use Doku_Renderer; alias
100 * @param Doku_Renderer $renderer the current renderer object
104 abstract public function render($format, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $data);
H A Dsyntax.php64 * @param Doku_Renderer $renderer the current renderer object
68 public function render($format, Doku_Renderer $renderer, $data)