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H A Dfeed.php343 $df = new Diff(explode("\n", rawWiki($id, $rev)),
346 $df = new Diff(array(''),
H A DDiff.php14 class Diff extends AbstractAction class
37 (new Ui\Diff())->show();
H A DDifferenceEngine.php519 class Diff { class
545 * @return Diff A Diff object representing the inverse of the
657 class MappedDiff extends Diff {
733 * @param Diff $diff A Diff object.
1117 * @param Diff $diff
1231 * @param Diff $diff
1307 class Diff3 extends Diff {
H A Dhtml.php497 dbg_deprecated('see '. \dokuwiki\Ui\Diff::class .'::diffHead()');
512 dbg_deprecated(\dokuwiki\Ui\Diff::class .'::show()');
513 (new dokuwiki\Ui\Diff($text, $intro, $type))->show();
527 dbg_deprecated('see '. \dokuwiki\Ui\Diff::class .'::diffNavigation()');
541 dbg_deprecated('see '. \dokuwiki\Ui\Diff::class .'::diffViewlink()');
552 dbg_deprecated(\dokuwiki\Ui\Diff::class .'::insertSoftbreaks()');
553 return (new dokuwiki\Ui\Diff())->insertSoftbreaks($diffhtml);
H A Dinfoutils.php310 Consider configuring a sync with a NTP server. Diff: {$diff}s");
H A Dmedia.php1363 list($l_head, $r_head) = (new dokuwiki\Ui\Diff)->diffHead($l_rev, $r_rev, $image, true);
H A DPageSubscriptionSender.php7 use Diff; alias
46 $df = new Diff(
54 $df = new Diff(
H A DDiff.php15 class Diff extends Ui class
146 $diff = new \Diff(explode("\n", $l_text), explode("\n", $r_text));
H A DPageConflict.php59 (new Diff($this->text, false))->show();
H A DPageDraft.php34 (new Diff($text, false))->show();
H A Ddiff.txt1 ====== Différences ======
H A DCHANGELOG907 * Diff (Conny Brunnkvist)