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H A DUPGRADING.md490 - `Guzzle\Http\CachingEntityBody` is now `GuzzleHttp\Stream\CachingStream`
H A DCachingStream.php13 class CachingStream implements StreamInterface class
H A DServerRequest.php175 $body = new CachingStream(new LazyOpenStream('php://input', 'r+'));
H A DCHANGELOG.md242 - Support in `GuzzleHttp\Psr7\CachingStream` for seeking forward on remote
269 - Now allowing forward seeking in CachingStream.
H A DREADME.md56 ## CachingStream section in Stream implementation
58 The CachingStream is used to allow seeking over previously read bytes on
69 $stream = new Psr7\CachingStream($original);
H A DCachingStream.php10 class CachingStream implements StreamInterface class
H A DCachingStreamTest.php5 use GuzzleHttp\Stream\CachingStream; alias
13 /** @var CachingStream */
22 $this->body = new CachingStream($this->decorated);
34 $caching = new CachingStream($body);
95 $body = new CachingStream($decorated);
132 $d = new CachingStream($a);