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H A DCHANGELOG496 * Cache Symbol Search Regexp and make Symbol Highlighting faster (milian)
H A Djquery.php3 use dokuwiki\Cache\Cache; alias
24 $cache = new Cache('jquery', '.js');
H A Dcss.php9 use dokuwiki\Cache\Cache; alias
106 $cache = new Cache(
H A Djs.php9 use dokuwiki\Cache\Cache; alias
82 …$cache = new Cache('scripts'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].$_SERVER['SERVER_PORT'].md5(serialize($files)),…
H A Drepository.php9 use dokuwiki\Cache\Cache; alias
54 $cache = new Cache('##extension_manager##'.$extension['plugin'], '.repo');
72 $cache = new Cache('##extension_manager###hasAccess', '.repo');
100 $cache = new Cache('##extension_manager##'.$name, '.repo');
147 $cache = new Cache('##extension_manager##'.$name, '.repo');
H A DCacheRenderer.php3 namespace dokuwiki\Cache;
H A DCache.php3 namespace dokuwiki\Cache;
11 class Cache class
H A DCacheInstructions.php3 namespace dokuwiki\Cache;
8 class CacheInstructions extends \dokuwiki\Cache\CacheParser
H A DCacheParser.php3 namespace dokuwiki\Cache;
8 class CacheParser extends Cache
H A Dcache.php3 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheParser;
4 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheInstructions;
5 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheRenderer;
11 class cache extends \dokuwiki\Cache\Cache
15 DebugHelper::dbgDeprecatedFunction(dokuwiki\Cache\Cache::class);
23 class cache_parser extends \dokuwiki\Cache\CacheParser
37 class cache_renderer extends \dokuwiki\Cache\CacheRenderer
50 class cache_instructions extends \dokuwiki\Cache\CacheInstructions
H A Dcommon.php9 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheInstructions;
10 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheRenderer;
H A Dparserutils.php10 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheInstructions;
11 use dokuwiki\Cache\CacheRenderer;
H A Dfeed.php12 use dokuwiki\Cache\Cache; alias
37 $cache = new Cache($key, '.feed');