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H A Dentry.php10 use dokuwiki\plugin\struct\meta\AccessDataValidator; alias
32 …/** @var AccessDataValidator[] these schemas are validated and have changed data and need to be s…
67 $valid = AccessDataValidator::validateDataForPage($INPUT->arr(self::$VAR), $ID, $errors);
H A Dhelper.php10 use dokuwiki\plugin\struct\meta\AccessDataValidator; alias
102 $valid = AccessDataValidator::validateDataForPage($data, $page, $errors);
H A DAccessDataValidator.php10 class AccessDataValidator extends ValueValidator class
40 * @return AccessDataValidator[]|bool savable data or false on validation error
H A DAccessTable.php559 * @return AccessDataValidator
563 return new AccessDataValidator($this, $data);