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H A DFeedImage.php19 public $width, $height, $description; variable in FeedImage
H A DHtmlDescribable.php20 public $description; variable in HtmlDescribable
H A Dinstalled.json43 … "description": "Fork of AddedBytes' PHP EmailAddressValidator script, now with Composer support!", string
86 "description": "Generic Syntax Highlighter", string
141 … "description": "lesserphp is a compiler for LESS written in PHP based on leafo's lessphp.", string
188 "description": "RSS and Atom feed generator by Kai Blankenhorn", string
270 …"description": "PHP Secure Communications Library - Pure-PHP implementations of RSA, AES, SSH2, SF… string
368 "description": "A simple Atom/RSS parsing library for PHP", string
423 "description": "Pure-PHP implementation to read and write TAR and ZIP archives", string
476 …"description": "Easy command line scripts for PHP with opt parsing and color output. No dependenci… string
528 "description": "Simple image resizing", string
H A Dfeed.css10 link, description, language, managingEditor, copyright, lastBuildDate, date, selector
H A DEnclosure.php96 var $description; variable in SimplePie_Enclosure
226 …egories = null, $channels = null, $copyright = null, $credits = null, $description = null, $durati…