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H A Dpopup.php53 $NS = cleanID($INPUT->str('ns')); variable
H A Dajax.php345 private function __get_siteexport_list($NS, $overrideCache = false) {
424 private function __get_siteexport_list_and_init_tocs($NS, $isRedirected = false) {
H A Dsiteexportmanager.php20 $NS = cleanID($INPUT->str('ns')); variable
H A Dfunctions.php67 public function getNamespaceFromID($NS, &$PAGE) {
H A Djavahelp.php11 private $NS = null; variable in siteexport_javahelp
20 public function __construct($functions, $filewriter, $NS)
H A Dtoc.php9 private $NS = null; variable in siteexport_toc
12 public function __construct($functions, $NS)
H A Dscript.js8 …){if(a()<e)throw new RangeError("Invalid typed array length");return l.TYPED_ARRAY_SUPPORT?(t=new … function
H A Dajax.php17 protected $NS = ''; variable in action_plugin_dropfiles_ajax
H A Dglossary.class.php59 var $NS; // namespace where definition could be found variable in glossary
H A Dscript.js178 function glossaryPoll (ancor, ticket, opinion, NS) { argument
H A Dfilemanager.php20 $NS = $_REQUEST['ns']; variable
21 $NS = cleanID($NS); variable