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H A DPageImage.php18 private $usages; variable in ComboStrap\\PageImage
49 * @param array $usages
53 public function setUsages(array $usages): PageImage argument
55 foreach ($usages as $usage) {
63 $this->usages[$value] = $value;
75 if ($this->usages === null) {
78 return array_values($this->usages);
H A DPageImages.php251 public function addImage(string $wikiImagePath, $usages = null): PageImages argument
257 if ($usages !== null) {
259 ->setFromStoreValue($usages);
H A DPage.php1757 * @param array $usages
1761 function getImagesOrDefaultForTheFollowingUsages(array $usages): array argument
1763 $usages = array_merge($usages, [PageImageUsage::ALL]);
1766 foreach ($usages as $usage) {
H A DExecutionConfig.php38 public $usages; variable in Google\\Service\\CloudDeploy\\ExecutionConfig
103 public function setUsages($usages) argument
105 $this->usages = $usages;
112 return $this->usages;
H A Dsearch.php60 $usages = ft_mediause($id, $this->getConf('showUsage'));
62 $usages = array();
67 if(!empty($usages)) {
70 foreach($usages as $usage) {
H A Dremove.txt3 …er la page de la liste de création**. Cela libérera l'identifiant de la page pour d'autres usages.
H A DCHANGELOG.md23 * README: Add a better description and new usages. (Ivan Enderlin, 2015-11-18T21:36:03+01:00)
H A DREADME.md63 We propose a quick overview of two usages: manipulate UTF-8 strings and one
H A Ddeprecated.rst188 current ``\Twig\Template`` instance is deprecated; most usages only need the
H A Drecipes.rst16 To easily remove all deprecated feature usages from your templates, write and
H A DCHANGELOG.md382 - Modified most external usages to use this new interface
H A DREADME.md492 streams. And this is a very powerful tool. We mentionned some usages
H A DCHANGELOG.md112 * Removed remaining `_type` field usages by @deguif [#2017](https://github.com/ruflin/Elastica/pull…
H A Dbundle.js.map1 …as they are\". This means it can be interchanged with\n * uri#toString() usages. The following is …