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H A DTokenStream.php78 Token::typeToEnglish($token->getType()),
80 Token::typeToEnglish($type), $value ? sprintf(' with value "%s"', $value) : ''),
H A DToken.php176 public static function typeToEnglish($type) function in Twig\\Token
H A DExpressionParser.php285 …ew SyntaxError(sprintf('Unexpected token "%s" of value "%s".', Token::typeToEnglish($token->getTyp…
385 …nclosed in parentheses (unexpected token "%s" of value "%s".', Token::typeToEnglish($current->getT…
491 …me or number, got value "%s" of type %s.', $token->getValue(), Token::typeToEnglish($token->getTyp…