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H A DDenoise.php26 public $tune; variable in Google\\Service\\Transcoder\\Denoise
39 public function setTune($tune) argument
41 $this->tune = $tune;
48 return $this->tune;
H A DH265CodecSettings.php79 public $tune; variable in Google\\Service\\Transcoder\\H265CodecSettings
294 public function setTune($tune) argument
296 $this->tune = $tune;
303 return $this->tune;
H A DH264CodecSettings.php83 public $tune; variable in Google\\Service\\Transcoder\\H264CodecSettings
312 public function setTune($tune) argument
314 $this->tune = $tune;
321 return $this->tune;
H A DINSTALL26 5. You can fine-tune the search behavior by editing the configuration
H A DREADME.md47 …on should work out-of-the-box. But if that is not the case or you need to tune something, there is…
H A DINSTALL38 5. You can fine-tune the search behavior by editing the configuration files
H A Dviewer.properties146 document_colors_not_allowed=Destûr tune ye ku belgeyên PDFê rengên xwe bi kar bînin: Di gerokê de '…
H A Dsnd-1.js409 var scale=(gen.scaleTuning?gen.scaleTuning.amount:100)/100,tune=(gen.coarseTune?gen.coarseTune.amou…
413 for(j=gen.keyRange.lo;j<=gen.keyRange.hi;j++){rates[instr][j]=Math.pow(Math.pow(2,1/12),(j+tune)*sc…
H A Dwords.txt3783 tune
H A Dabcjs_plugin-midi_6.0.0-beta.25-min.js3tune:a.getTune(),revisedParams:s}}e.exports={wrapLines:function(e,t){if(t&&0!==e.lines.length){for…
H A DJudith.txt316 …16:2. Begin ye to the Lord with timbrels, sing ye to the Lord with cymbals, tune unto him a new ps…
H A DJosue.txt104 …6:5. And when the voice of the trumpet shall give a longer and broken tune, and shall sound in you…
H A DJeremias.txt1166 …the wine out of the presses: the treader of the grapes shall not sing the accustomed cheerful tune.
H A Dmaterialdesignicons.min.css1 …:"\F917"}.mdi-tumblr-reblog::before{content:"\F542"}.mdi-tune::before{content:"\F62E"}.mdi-tune-ve…
H A Dvim.min.js.map1 … else {\n cm.replaceRange(text, cur);\n // Now fine tune the cursor to where…
H A Dquotes.txt2914 It is impossible to experience one's death objectively and still carry a tune. <BR> -- Woody Allen …
3991 You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish.